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How to Get Rid of Acne on the Face and Back

Updated on March 4, 2013

What is Acne?

Acne is a genetically inherited disease, which is the result of several factors occurring in the skin. Aside from excess oil secreted by the sebaceous glands. there is a proliferation of cells that clog the pores, trapping oil in the follicle.

Bacteria inhabit the follicle and digest the oils, generating waste products, which then cause the irritation to the skin. Oilier skin conditions tend to experience more acne breakouts because they provide more food for bacteria.

What Causes Acne

One of the main reasons acne occurs is due to skin trying to shed itself off from the top layer of the face, and does not come off all the way. The dead skin cells stay attached to the skin surface causing the pores to become clogged. Any other condition such as excess oil will contribute to the problem. With this knowledge it is easy to understand that applying creams, or any topical products can easily add to the acne problem as you now have dead skin cells trapped on the surface of the face combined with cream and oils weighing on the pores.

Knowing that the skins surface is the main culprit to pimples, blackheads and whiteheads, it is wise for the acne sufferer to do something to the surface of the face, back, arms, or wherever the acne is a problem.

Chemical Peels, lasers, and Microdermabrasions are probably the most effective ways to put an end to acne problems all together. Fortunately, these techniques are no longer only for people who can afford expensive dermatology treatments, as there are excellent home devices that, if used diligently, will deliver the same results as treatments from expensive spas.

Before & After Chemical Peels

Chemical Peels

There are chemical peel kits for at home use that will gently remove the troublesome top layer of skin that is hanging onto the dead skin that is trying to shed itself from the complexion.

There are numerous degrees of chemical peels to try. If you want to save money and get a rel professional level chemical peel, buying glycolic acid of 10%-20% will deliver top notch results. This is putting the acid directly on the skin and tolerating it for approximately one minute. It works beautifully, but the skin will be shedding or peeling for several days after treatment. If you have never peeled your skin before it is wise to get used to it by using a gentle peeling product by Neutrogena, Wexler, or other various name brands that offer a less dramatic effect, but without the obvious skin shedding.

Before & After Microdermabrasion


Microdermabrasion is a vacuuming system that sucks the dead skin off the top layer while gently exfoliating it. The results are that the skin can breath free of pore clogging dead skin, and at the same time, the skin feels silky smooth and develops a radiant glow after approximately five consecutive treatments.

Several years ago the only way to have this procedure was to spend a minimum of $90. in a dermatologists office or a med spa. These days there are a number of professional level microdermabrasion machines on the market that will deliver excellent results.

Baby Blue Quasar

At Home Laser

The closest thing to an at home laser treatment to eliminate acne is the Baby Blue Quasar; the baby red is for wrinkles.

This is a blue light that is held directly on the surface of the skin and it works by killing acne causing bacteria deep down. One of the advantages of using a blue light instead of prescription strength creams is that acne creams cause dryness and other side effects to the skin. The Baby Quasar leaves no trace that any treatments have ever been done, besides perfect, flawless, acne free skin.


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    • profile image

      Open 3 years ago

      I have found many ways that people say works for them and i have only tried a few but they shulod work depending on what skin type you have. also if you have drier skin, like me, you might want to avoid products unless they say for dry skin or they will irritate your skin. Some things you can do are: -rub an ice cube on the pimple for about 15 minutes and if it gets way too cold you can take it off for a little break. some people say its best when you do this three times a day and do not use any products when doing this. -take a bowl of warm water and put a lot of salt in it. then dip one cotton ball in the water for 30 seconds and squeeze the excess water out so it doesn't drip, but don't drain all the water out. then take the cotton ball and put it on you pimple for about 3 minutes and then take it off. your pimple shulod look smaller but if you don't do the next step it will reappear within the next few hours! you shulod take two clean cotton balls and place one on each side of the pimple. then move the two cotton balls toward the pimple to flatten it out. after you have flatten it, it is recommended to put honey on top. -take some toothpaste and put it on the affected area. some people leave it on for about 10 minutes and other people sleep on it. the toothpaste you use shulod be a basic white one, but you DO NOT WANT A WHITENING TOOTHPASTE. if you use a whitening toothpaste it might make the acne worse. also for me i like using clean and clear oil removal wipes. they work really well and you can actually see the oil that is removed on the wipe. make sure you drink water throughout the day because this will make your skin hydrated! hope this helped!!!!

    • teaches12345 profile image

      Dianna Mendez 5 years ago

      I like the idea of the laser treatment. It seems the least toxic and the most beneficial. Great share on this issue and well researched.

    • thewritingowl profile image

      Mary Kelly Godley 5 years ago from Ireland

      Very interesting have one particular part of my face left of my chin and I cannot get rid of spots there no matter what products I try. I think I will look into a skin peel and try that 1st . Voted up.