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How to Get a Great Wardrobe for Less (Women)

Updated on October 20, 2021

Just because you don’t have an unlimited budget doesn’t mean you can’t have a wardrobe full of nice clothes. There are lots of things you can do to save money while keeping style and quality. This hub will explain some things you can do to help achieve this.

1. Look for sales:

One obvious way to save money on clothes is to look for and wait for sales. It takes patience and unless you frequent shopping centers often you may miss out on a sale or getting a desired piece. Instead of wasting time constantly checking in at your favourite stores check the stores’ websites for sales going on at the store and price reduction for individual items. It should be noted that some companies have special online sales that are not available in stores or different prices for online items.

2. Get Gift Cards

If you can’t think of what you want for an occasion why not ask for a gift card for one of your favourite clothing stores. If you treat it like regular money and take advantage of sales you can really stretch a $25 or $50 gift card. One of my best deals was paid with only a small fraction of a gift card. Two regular $50 sweaters from American Eagle, that by mid January had been reduced several times until they were $7 each. If I had of bought a sweater at regular price the $50 card I had received for Christmas wouldn’t have been able to cover the price of the sweater after tax. Instead by being smart I have plenty of funds on my gift card for future shopping trips.

3. Take Advantage of Store Promotions:

Make sure to find out if the stores you like to shop at have free point or discount cards and sign up. Even if the rewards don’t accumulate quickly or the discount seems small you can end up saving more than you thought. Also make sure to sign up for the newsletters as they often alert you of sales or can contain special discounts.

4. Online Discount Stores:

There are many retailers online that carry clothing with well known brand names at a discounted price. However some of these sites may also have a lot of pieces by generally unknown names that have to be sorted through to find the good stuff. Beyond the Rack is one of these sites that can involve some browsing to find what you’re looking for. Although they sometimes have clothing events listed by brand name more often it with be a type of clothing item, such as dresses or denim and contain various brands and sizes. Sometimes they have lots and sometimes they have nothing at all. It’s also important to know that they only ship to Canada and the US, and usually charge a $10 shipping fee- though they sometimes have promotions that reduce this fee.

Another site that has well known names at a discount is the online retailer, Bluefly. Unlike Beyond the Rack, Bluefly specialises in well known names and is like shopping for clothes at most other online companies. You have the ability to sort by brand name, price, new arrivals, etc. By signing up for their newsletter you not only receive notice when a sale is going on but you also can get an extra discount on top of it.

There are many other sites like these and it takes a little bit of research and site browsing to find ones that you like but if you live in a city that may not carry such clothes you may not only save money but have wardrobe that isn’t carve and copy of everyone else’s.

5. Thrift Stores:

Though not for everyone Thrift stores can be a great place to find clothes you like for less. The important thing is to check for stains and smells as they may not come out even after you have taken your item(s) home and washed them.

6. Buy Classic Pieces:

Buy pieces of clothing that stay in style as opposed to those that come and go quickly. Buy something because you like it and the way it looks on you not because everyone else likes it. Buy pieces that can be used to create various outfits by mixing and matching. You could even create a catalogue of the items you own in order to make sure you don’t buy something very similar to what you already own.


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