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How to Get the Best Price on a Coach Purse

Updated on September 5, 2016

The only thing better than owning an official Coach purse is finding one you get a major bargain on. Getting your hands on the real deal for a discounted price can be tricky so many people wind up going to fraudulent online retailers thinking they are snagging a deal. Without touching or seeing a bag up close it can be difficult for a consumer to know they are not buying a real Coach purse. The first and most important thing you should know when trying to get a real Coach purse for a discounted price is that almost all the online retailers are selling fake and bogus bags.

I have never paid full price for a Coach bag. Most of my bags are purchased for at least forty percent off the retail price. How do I snag these deals? Easy, by heading to my local Coach Factory Store. At the Coach Factory store almost all the purses are discounted by at least twenty percent. The Factory store I go to has a section in the back where many purses are an additional fifty percent off the already marked down price. This results in huge savings. It is not uncommon for me to snag a three hundred and fifty dollar purse for less than one hundred and twenty bucks. Furthermore, my Coach Factory store routinely hands out an additional thirty percent off coupon at the door.

When you are at the Coach Factory store they will ask you for your email address to enter into their system. Give it to them. Once your name is in the system you will begin to receive coupons via email for the factory store. It gets better though. Lately I have been receiving email invitations to exclusive online factory store events. What that means is that you get to shop in the comfort of your own home for amazing Coach purses at awesome discounts.

The awesome thing about these email invitations is that the selection is much better than you will find at the actual Coach factory store. In addition to purses you will find wallets, wristlets, shoes, and even jewelry. I have found full size purses for as low as ninety eight dollars at these online events. A word of warning is that if you see something you really like purchase it immediately. Some of the cheaper items go quickly as do harder to find colors like red and purple.

Ebay is another good place to buy Coach purses but I would advise only those familiar with Coach products to purchase them there. As someone who has been purchasing Coach bags for some time I can tell easily a fake one just by looking at the pictures. Ebay has gotten much better at monitoring the sale of designer items, but fake ones can still find their way into the marketplace. Checking the number of feedbacks is not good enough. You should scroll through them and make note if this seller has sold other Coach or designer products in the past. If the seller has primarily been selling small jewelry and then suddenly has a Coach bag for sale I would be cautious.

While you can find some good deals on ebay keep in mind that your best option is still the Coach Factory store. Many of the sellers who sell Coach online buy their items at the factory store at a steep discount and then tack on a few bucks to make a profit. You will likely pay at least thirty dollars more than what you would have paid if you had purchased it yourself. Still, if you can get an authentic Coach purse for a few bucks off retail it may be worth it.

Finally, don't write off Craigslist, Facebook virtual yard sale sites and even physical yard sales. As with ebay, I would only recommend these options for those who are familiar with Coach products. Craigslist gets a bad wrap but if you use common sense you can find a good deal. Local Facebook auction groups often have a great selection of gently used Coach bags and many sellers are willing to haggle on the price. Use caution and good judgement and you can be the owner of an authentic Coach bag for a fraction of the price.


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