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How to Give Yourself a Mini Makeover

Updated on July 6, 2020
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I am a property manager in Little Rock, Arkansas. I enjoy writing about various topics that I think may be helpful to others.

Are you bored with your look? Maybe you've hit a rough patch in life and just need something, anything to make you feel a little better or just to feel noticed. While beauty truly comes from within, sometimes it really is easier to change your outward appearance first. If you start feeling better about yourself, you will start to take better care of yourself. Soon you will start developing better habits and learn to love yourself and inspire you to be better in all aspects of your life. Don't believe me? Think about the last time you felt good about yourself. I mean really, really good about yourself. Maybe you changed your hairstyle and everyone at work kept complimenting you. Maybe since you graduated, you've lost weight and gotten very fit and healthy and you run into an old classmate who can't stop telling you how fabulous you look. Can you honestly tell me that when you are looking your best, you don't sit up straighter, speak more confidently, make eye contact and even smile more? Of course you do! Because you feel more confident and confidence gives you the courage to make big changes in your life. The kind of changes that you've been wanting to make for a long time. So, let's not waste any time. I have compiled a list of things you should do for a mini makeover. After this, you will hopefully have a bit more confidence and become happier and kinder to yourself.

First you need to decide who you want to be and to do that, you need to realize what you are not. When I say decide who you want to be, I don't mean Mila Kunis or Margot Robbie, all though that would be nice if you could just magically turn into your favorite celebrity. What I am talking about, is finding out who the best version of yourself is. To do that, think of all the characteristics you love about yourself. I'm talking about your best personality traits and your best physical features. Once you decide that, figure out what is hindering that great trait that you have. For example, you love that you are incredibly funny but you also are incredibly shy, and so people don't realize it. Maybe you have mesmerizing green eyes but your eyebrows are wild, long and misshapen and so that's all people see when they look at you. Have you lost a lot of weight and are happier about your body but still are wear baggy, boring clothes and so no one has even noticed your transformation? Really look at yourself and think what is keeping you from being the best version of you that you can be. As you read my ideas for your mini makeover, I bet you will begin to see how great you really are but maybe you're letting something else hinder you from your full potential.


Is your personal style really reflecting the best version of yourself? What colors do you tend to wear, what brands and sizes? Do your keep your clothing and accessories in pristine condition or do all of your items have stains, holes or even faded color over time? There is a saying that is old and overused but that's because it is so important! "Dress for the job that you want, not for the job that you have." Maybe you are really wanting to get a promotion at your job, you are always on time, have a great attitude and get your work done faster and better than your coworkers. Does your style portray who you are as an employee? Would the head of a company wear wrinkly, miss fitting and out of style clothes? No. They know that your outward appearance is the first impression anyone ever gets of you. If you want the world to notice that you are responsible, talented and a great leader, you need to ditch the clothes from high school and replace it with a wardrobe filled with new and in style pieces, perhaps even add some bold colors to get you noticed.

The saying, doesn't just apply to your career. It applies to every aspect of your life. Are you a single lady that's stuck in a rut? You desperately want to get out and find a man who is attractive, successful and confident. Great! Now do you think he is going to fall for the girl, who has been sitting in her pj's for months just binge-watching Netflix? This girl probably hasn't paid much attention to her diet recently and doesn't feel the need to even wash her hair very often or to take the time to spend 10 minutes in the morning getting ready. If you don't look like you care about yourself, what kind of guy is that going to attract? Probably someone who also has low self esteem and doesn't take care of themselves either. So to get that guy that is attractive, successful and confident, you need to do what? You guessed it. Be attractive, successful and confident. Which you can easily do by choosing clothes that are more in style, better fitting and overall more flattering. So I guess to alter the rule "Dress like the best version of yourself, not the person you are trying to get away from."

If you have been paying attention the last couple of years, you know just how important good eyebrows has become. Whether you are tweezing, threading or doing microblading, it is important for your brows to have a nice shape that frames your eyes and that they are filled in. Here are a few different examples of people who changed their eyebrows. See how much more flattering it is!

You can achieve great brows by using makeup correctly and by grooming them on a regular basis. This can be done in several different ways such as tweezing, waxing, threading, staining or even microblading. There are THOUSANDS of YouTube tutorials on how to do your brows but if you aren't the best at makeup or don't have a steady hand, you may want to seek a professional. To get your brows done you typically will only spend about $15 to $40 but it will make a huge difference in your appearance!

Having beautiful skin is one of the best ways to have a fresh and beautiful look. Though it can be a little harder to achieve. If you struggle with acne or discoloration, you know that it's sometimes hard to clear up or even cover. One of the best ways to achieve clear skin is to drink water. You probably have already heard that but have you actually attempted to drink the right amount of water each day? If you make drinking water a priority, you should start to see some major changes in your skin. Aside from drinking water, it's important to always wear sunscreen or a daily moisturizer with SPF. You will be much better off if you start doing this now instead of waiting until you're older. Preventing bad skin is a lot easier and less expensive than to reverse bad skin after years of not taking care of it.

Another option is to conceal and cover any skin imperfections. This can be done by getting a tan. The darker skin will camouflage the discoloration of your skin. However tanning is NOT something you should do on a regular basis as it makes it more likely for you to develop cancer. Instead, try a fake tanner or a bronzing powder. You can also cover skin issues with foundation and concealer. Youtube has a lot of great videos (like the one listed below) that will show you how to do your makeup like a pro and conceal anything you're insecure about.

This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and is not meant to substitute for formal and individualized advice from a qualified professional.

© 2020 Sarah Spradlin


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