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How to Grow Your Natural Hair Faster

Updated on May 13, 2017

Early Beginnings

Life is definitely crammed with obstacles! So could you imagine struggling with natural curly, thick, high porosity hair. It's almost like your hair is absolutely prone to any form of humidity in the atmosphere! One drop of moisture could turn the the sleek, polished look into one frizzy, poof. I can't even count the amounts of hair accessories like brushes and combs that I have consumed over the years just because I did not know how to maintain my gorgeous, bouncy, curls of love in its natural state.


Thankfully, I was absolutely determined to win! Therefore, I scoured the internet looking for answers. Natural hair is something that is very common nowadays. More and more people are embracing their natural hair patterns and in most cases growing their hair out-- ergo, I was able to find so many quality resources on how to style and feed my tresses.

Some of my most notable achievements are:

1. Learning how to detangle my hair without a comb

2. Making my curls bouncy and shiny.

3. Deep conditioning my hair

4. Retaining longer lengths

5. Implementing better nutrition to grow healthy, stronger hair

Remembering That It's Just Hair!

Often times, women especially tend to find insecurities with their hair. Sometimes, styling your hair can become rather cumbersome. And it really does not matter how good you style it-- it still looks bad!

Length insecurity

I don't know as a woman with a rather large head I enjoy having long hair to cover it. So when my hair was at its shortest I often found myself clueless and found myself wishing that my curls were longer.

Styling difficulties

Having curly, short hair can be very difficult to style. One reason is that you don't want get heat damage and sometimes your curls do not want to cooperate!

All of the above can cause a lot of frustration and most times, you want your hair to look absolutely flawless!


Remember that your hair is just hair and In most instances, it is going to grow back! Therefore, there are solutions to all of your problems. There is weave i.e. whole wigs, 60 seconds wigs, braids, clip in synthetic extensions, etc. Using weave and wigs can help protect your hair from the effects of over styling, breakage and heat damage.

Wigs and weaves have the ability to make ever hairstyle look its best! In my opinion-- its not like you are being fake. And if you don't even like weaves, there are tons of tutorials on the internet just waiting to be watched on how to style your natural hair!

Just remember, its only hair!

Good Hair is Healthy Hair!

My Motto For Healthy Hair

After going naturally my new motto is " Good Hair is Healthy Hair"! And in order to have healthy hair you must research all of the best hair products on the market! Also, incorporating various techniques of hairstyling is very important as well!

Some of my favourite hair care products are:

1. Coconut oil
2. Castor Oil
3. Almond Oil
4. Non Paraben, Non Sulfate Shampoos and Conditioners
5. Deep Treatment Hair Bonnet
6. Spray Water Bottle
7. Satin Bonnet
8. Detangling Brush
9. Wide Tooth Comb
10. Heat Protectant

All of these products are excellent!

Thoughts on Going Natural!

Honestly, having natural hair consistently for these two years is one of the best decisions I have ever made. I can't wait to have waist length hair.

Thoughts that stood out

1. Never, ever cook your hair

2. Hair grows fastest when the scalp is clean!

I Love My Natural Hair!

Having natural hair is not for the faint hearted. It requires a lot of time, patience and love. I am no longer afraid to let my curls grow naturally in their own pattern. My scalp doesn't get irritated and I have the options of wearing wigs or not. Going natural has transformed my way of thinking and has exposed me to endless possibilities when grooming my hair.

Believe it or not... I love my natural hair. The key to optimal hair growth and maintence is "technique" and "nutrition". You have to feed your hair from the inside out and know how to style it properly without damaging it.

What is the most important part of going natural?

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