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How to Handle Appearance in a Size 0 World?

Updated on October 23, 2008
How do you keep hugging your partner when you want to smack him upside the head?
How do you keep hugging your partner when you want to smack him upside the head?

Men and women live on different wavelengths. We live on one that prevents from automatically being catty with everyone, unless it's out of spite. Men, on the other hand, sometimes go straight to being spiteful when they play the looks card. As soon as they go there in the fight, that's when the next world war starts.

What is it about people having to look a certain way? Almost every young startlet in Hollywood is like a size 2 and beyond. Some are so scary skinny that it's creepy. There's no fine line for anyone at all because there's no happy medium when it comes to someone's appearance. You can either be too skinny or too fat. It's ridiculous that everything can be judged by someone's looks. When you go to a job interview, you can easily tell when your potential employer is sizing you up from the neck down. They're thinking, "how can this person make our employers look better than the current crop?" Well, the observation might not be as crude as that but you get the picture.

Another thing that ticks me off about crude observations is when a man tells a woman she's fat. Guys should know better than to say moronic stuff like that because it hurts the woman's confidence, and their chances of getting lucky for at least a few days. Men are like a mix between little boys and Chihuahuas. They always want something to be a certain way and bark the dickens out of their vocal cords when they don't get it. Keep in mind that their bark is always worse than their collective bite if you return the favor and complain about their ever changing appearance. Of course, that's when the gloves come off because their insecurities come out to play as much as ours.

The ideal way to combat a judgmental guy is to picture him like a whiny little boy when you send him on an obscenely long time-out. A funnier suggestion would be to picture like a yappy Chihuahua that you can kick out of bed when he gets too fresh. (Of course, I'm not actually suggesting to kick a dog, but I'm just saying to give your mate the coldest shoulder possible.) Let him know that he should think about what he says before he says it. That dialogue might have worked when he was a kid, but that's no longer the case. Tell me he should learn to either keep his mouth shut or a better way of saying what he means with kindness instead of rudeness.

Hopefully, not all guys are as subtle as a Mac truck. Maybe some actually know how to look beyond a woman's butt and her quesstionable curves. I've not found one as of yet. I'm probably looking in the wrong place. Looks are everything due to those vomit inducing models and Playboy centerfolds. Girls, we need to ignore those images because they make our gag reflexes flip out in maximum overdrive. Turn the channel and close your fashion magazine. Be yourself and let everyone else kiss your butt.


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