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How to Have Straight Hair

Updated on March 23, 2011

A lot of men and women with wavy or curly hair really hate it. They hate having to deal with the frizz whenever moisture is in the hair. They long for straight hair that remains straight regardless of the atmospherics. Some hair is difficult to straight or keep straight. Natural curls or waves can only be kept away for so long. Straight hair is "in" again. Frizzing or curly hair is "out".

Many go for the Brazilian hair treatment where the hair is straighten with an iron and the hair is then coated with Keratin. These cost anywhere from $200+ and your hair will remain straight for six to twelve weeks.

To straighten your hair, try this:

1. Wash hair  2. Brush and divide into sections  3. Spray Keratin onto the sections coating the hair   4. Blow dry your hair and use a round brush to straighten  5. Then, each section is pulled straight with a hot flat iron.

Event the home Keratin products are pricey. Liquid Keratin runs about $70 a bottle. Much cheaper is Rusk's str8 for $12. In the middle is L'oreal's, Kerastase Nutritive Serum for $37.

Getting straight hair does not always require Keratin, many times, one can wet the hair and with a comb dry the hair while pulling it tight to remove the curl or wave.


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