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How to Improve Your Smile

Updated on August 4, 2017

Smile and the whole world smiles with you. That’s the beauty and power of a smile; it can change your world in an instant. In this day and age of selfies and social media, it’s not only in the actual world that your smile matters. Because if you want to look good and if you want people to appreciate you in a snap, you really have to give your best smile.

Did you know that by simply smiling you can already increase your level of attractiveness? That’s why when we smile, the people around us often will also smile back at us. That’s because they like what they’re seeing and they’re just returning the favor through a smile. Now that’s a beautiful reason why we need to smile all the time.

It’s difficult to go through a day without wearing one, and you certainly would like to have the best smile that you can have but how can you do that? Here are some of the things you need to do or keep in mind so you can have a great smile.

1. Make sure you have a clean set of teeth.

Just imagine what people would think of you if you smile and they see small remnants of the previous meal that you’ve just had? It’s not a beautiful sight, isn’t it? That’s why it’s important that you every now and then you look yourself at a mirror just to make sure you have nothing in between your teeth. Brushing and flossing your teeth after each meal is therefore highly advised.

2. Try to keep your teeth white.

While it’s only natural for our teeth to be a bit yellowish, on the other hand, too much yellowing and it’s certainly an ugly thing. So keep in mind that there are certain drinks that can discolor your teeth such as coffee, tea, red wine, and cola drinks. Try your best to limit their intakes or if possible, use a straw. You can also use a teeth whitening toothpaste or if the discoloring is too bothering for you, go see your dentist to see if there are any professional whitening procedures or products that you can use.

3. Consider getting dental implants.

Teeth are seldom naturally aligned and therefore they may not be pretty to look at. One dental procedure that can fix this is through the use of dental implants. Some of the reasons you might need dental implants is because of tooth decay, gum disease, shifting of the teeth, and TMJ syndrome. If you want to learn more, take a look at the infographic below or read this resource on dental implants.

4. Be natural.

When it’s time to take your picture, whether it’s a group picture or a selfie, it’s always best that you act or pose naturally. Just relax your face, lips, and your whole body and more often than not, your great smile will occur naturally. And forget about the old way of saying ‘cheese’ because usually the resulting smile looks forced or fake.

You should also practice in front of a mirror so you can find your natural picture-taking pose and angle as well as practice giving out your best smile. This way every time you need to get your photo taken, your smile and pose will both come naturally.

5. Beautify your lips.

It’s important that you fall into the habit of moisturizing your lips. That’s because dry or chapped lips can prevent you from giving out your great smile. Religiously apply a lip balm on your lips, preferably one that has SPF to keep it protected from the sun.

Also, wearing lipstick can highlight your lips when you smile and can make your smile even look better. You may also just use a lip gloss should you prefer it.

Now get your smile ready!

A great smile can boost your confidence, make you look and feel better, make everybody else smile back, and even promote romance. Now wouldn’t you want any of these things? I’m sure you do! So follow the tips mentioned above and you will be on your way into having the best smile that you can possibly have, one that can change your life for the better.


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