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How to Look Like Selena Gomez

Updated on August 19, 2016
Get Hair Like Selena Gomez
Get Hair Like Selena Gomez | Source

Selena Gomez is one of America's hottest Hollywood idols. She has won millions of fans over with her acting, singing, and dancing, and on top of all that she is beautiful too!

This hub will show you how to look like Selena Gomez so you can get some of her star power for yourself! We will give you tips on how to get hair, skin, and clothing just like Selena has.

Dye Your Hair Dark Brown

With all of the blondes getting attention in Hollywood, it's nice to see a beautiful brunette like Selena be so popular. The look of Selena's hair color varies from dark brown to black, depending upon the lighting in her pictures.

Clairol Nice 'n Easy Perfect 10 Permanent Haircolor, in Dark Brown 004 will give you beautiful dark hair like Selena's. This color is also better than trying black. Dark brown looks better on most women, unless your natural hair color is already black.

Get Thick, Lustrous Hair

Selena's hair is well admired for its healthy thickness. If your hair isn't already thick and shiny, add foods to your diet that are high in B-vitamins, such as chicken, salmon, milk, bananas, and spinach. Also try foods high in Vitamin A, like sweet potatoes and carrots, and those high in Vitamin E, like sunflower seeds and peanut butter. Your hair will thank you for it, and you will look more like your favorite celebrity!

How to Look Like Selena Gomez
How to Look Like Selena Gomez | Source

Wear Sparkly Clothes (above)

Selena is lucky that she can wear an endless array of cute clothes like sequin bustiers and rhinestone dresses as part of her concerts and red-carpet appearances.

Learning how to look like Selena Gomez can be as easy as adopting some of her fashion sense. If you want a little of her sparkle, try the Selena-style lace-up corset by Roma Costume (above right).

Get Skin like Selena Gomez
Get Skin like Selena Gomez | Source

Get Clear Skin

Selena's skin is impeccably clear, even up close in photos. If you want skin like hers, try:

  • Washing with Noxema Deep Cleansing Cream, once in the morning and once in the evening.
  • Saturating a cotton ball with witch hazel (a natural astringent available at most drugstores) and dab onto any acne prone areas of your skin, a few times a week.
  • Wear non-comedogenic foundation (and remember not to go to sleep with your makeup on!)
  • Wearing a non-oily face moisturizer.

Get Brown Colored Eye Contacts

Brown eyes are full of soul and depth. If you don't have naturally brown eyes like Selena Gomez, the following colored lenses might be right for you:

  • Freshlook Colors in Brown.
  • Acuvue 2 Colours in Chestnut Brown

How fit like Selena Gomez.
How fit like Selena Gomez. | Source

Be of Average Height

That's right! Selena is 5' 5", making her the height of the average female in the United States. So if this height is close to yours, you already share a trait with your favorite star!

Stay Fit

Selena Gomez has a very slim build. To get slim yourself, adopt a low-fat, moderate calorie diet (1,500 to 1,800 calories a day), and implement about 45 minutes of exercise per day into your routine. Don't forget to consult a doctor before you make any changes!


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