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How to Maintain Strong, Long and Thick hair?

Updated on May 27, 2017
Mahrukh Khalid profile image

Hi! I'm Mahrukh Khalid,a senior in high school, I love to write and make people feel good about themselves so I'll do just that :)


Have you lost your smile?

Your dull, frizzy and thin hair might have led you to depression. It may have snatched your glowing smile every time you look at them. Well, fear not for this is the article for you. So let's bring back your beautiful smile!

What hair problem do YOU have?

Did you know that your morning hair reveal the true reality of your hair?

Hair tend to become thinner, frizzier and start falling off if not taken care of. Many people face different realities of their hair, the problems, however, interlink. For example, hair fall is interlinked with thinner hair.

In order, to maintain your hair smoother, thicker and stronger hair, keep these few tips in mind. Because we all know,"Precaution is better than cure."

Types of hair loss

Tip # 1: Don't wash your hair everyday.

Washing your hair everyday loosens them from their roots, they may also become drier and frizzier. Try washing your hair on alternate days of the week or as I suggest twice a week. Like, maybe on Monday and Friday.

Of course, you can take a shower while tying your hair up.


Tip # 2: Don't forget to use a shampoo.

Washing your hair without a shampoo cause increase in the amount of water in your scalp which leads to ex-osmosis through the skin i.e. water starts leaving your scalp which makes it dry. This causes dandruff.


Tip # 3: Moisten up your scalp.

Oiling your hair cause those nutrients to soak into your scalp and hair roots making them thicker, smoother, longer and shinier.

Though if you are a slacker in this case like me, I would suggest using a very little amount of coconut oil. This is a home remedy to submerge your finger tips in coconut oil and apply them in the roots of your wet hair which you just washed. Plus, coconut oil is best for all seasons.

Which oil is best for each season?

Olive, coconut, castor, jojoba
Coconut, castor and argan
Almond, jojoba, coconut
Argan, grapeseed, olive, coconut, almond

Tip # 4: Don't use too much conditioner.

It is true that conditioner make your hair softer but some chemicals in these products have an adverse effect to your hair. It can lead to other problems. Using too much conditioner essentially makes your hair thin and so they become weak.


Tip # 5: Take a breather

Don't keep your hair tied up for too long as tightened hair can lead to suffocation of hair and pull the hair out of their roots. Try not to go to sleep with your hair tied as well. Let them fall back and relax for a bit.

Tip # 6: Save your hair from the sun!

Your hair needs the sun but too much exposure to the high radiations of the sun and polluted environment can lead to dehydration of scalp and weak hair.

Try leaving the house with a cap or a scarf on.

Tip # 7: Go natural!

Use natural homemade hair masks and treatments to nourish your natural hair.

DIY Hair Mask

Tip # 8: Don't dye your hair too often.

Dying your hair makes them lose their natural shine and strength. If you still want to, I would suggest going to a professional with a dye plus hair treatment.

Take care!

Hope this helps bring back your smile by making your hair healthier and prettier.



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