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How to Make Hands Look Younger - 7 Simple Steps

Updated on April 9, 2012

Don't Forget Your Hands!

While we take a lot of care to ensure our faces look their absolute best and spend an awful lot of money on anti-aging facial products, our hands are often neglected. I have found many women's hands look far older than their biological years. Sadly, wrinkled skin, protruding veins, and sun-spots can make your hands look far older than your face.

This is often through years of use and abuse. Our hands are always exposed to the elements, not to mention harsh cleaning chemicals, and for many of us over-exposure to water through our professions or home life. The following seven anti-aging tips for hands will help to keep your hands looking their best at whatever age.

Domestic chores and strong detergents can cause wrinkling and furrowing of hands
Domestic chores and strong detergents can cause wrinkling and furrowing of hands

7 Simple Steps for Beautiful Hands

1). As soon as the weather starts to get chilly get in the habit of wearing gloves. Woolen gloves can be cumbersome, however there are many stylish gloves made from thin materials that you can forget you are wearing that will protect your hands from the elements.

2). When doing housework or gardening always wear protective gloves.

3). Invest in a good hand cream, and remember to apply it! Consider trying a vitamin-fortified hand cream which will boost the skin's ingestion of nutrients and make smoother and appear younger.

4). Invest in an anti-aging cream such as a micro-dermabrasion for hands.

5). Put sunscreen on your hands before you go outside in all weathers. Sunscreen will protect your hands from sun-spots and wrinkles.

6). Washing your hands too often will cause dryness and cracking. After immersing your hands in water, use a moisturizer. If your hands are still dry, use moisturizer at night. Apply a thick coat then wear cotton gloves all night to ensure it is well absorbed.

7). Avoid pharmaceutical creams that contain cortisone. Although these creams can work well for dry skin, they will eventually cause skin dehydration and advanced wrinkling.

Reducing facial lines

You don't need to spend a fortune on harsh creams and chemical procedures

Thankfully, effective facial rejuvenation is not just limited to people who can afford to spend a lot of money. you too can have beautiful skin and reduce wrinkles and other signs of aging.

If you truly desire to have younger looking appearance that you will be proud to show off, and have others ask you if you have had plastic surgery then I strongly urge you to read everything on the next page carefully.


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    • profile image

      nayna patil 5 years ago

      this is very good information you tell me it is very useful for me thank you

    • dianew profile image

      dianew 8 years ago from Spain

      Thank you! I can now wear my new ring with pride, my hands are looking lovely!