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How to Make Ozonated Olive Oil For Getting Glowing Skin

Updated on December 14, 2014
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God has doled out number of herbs free in ample quantity. If we just use these herbs, we will not need all those medicines and surgery. Olive oil is one such herb. If I say that olive oil is most used oil used in skin product, then I will not be wrong. As you hear the name of olive oil, the picture of olive and field filled with olive trees comes before. As you will find lot of information about olive in other hubs or blogs ,I am not going in detail about olive. However in this hub I will tell you about the special type of oil called ozonated olive oil and its benefits.

Olive Plant Structure

Olive tree is small in size with green leaves. Its flowers are white in colour and fruits are green in colour initially. On ripening its colour changes to dark .It is mainly cultivated in Mediterranean countries like Italy, Spain and some part of Iraq also.

Olive oil is made from olive is also have medicinal and herbal qualities. It is mainly used in all skin product and cooking .Most of the oil is produced in Spain and Italy. There is international body also for olive called International olive Oil Council which promotes use of olive around the world.

What Is Olive Oil And Ozonated Olive Oil

Olive oil remain in liquid form while Ozonated oil remain in paste form.The ozone and oxygen content in liquid olive oil remain less while in ozonated olive oil,it remain very high.Due to this,it converts into paste.

How to make Ozonated Olive Oil

What you require to make ozonated olive oil

1. Olive oil in glass bottle

2. Cold plasma generator

3. Aerator or air-pump

4. Two tubes that comes with plasma generator or silicon tubes

Little Concentrated Ozonated Olive Oil

First of all take olive oil in glass bottle. Connect aerator to the bottle with the tube and plasma generator. As most of the plasma generator doesn’t come with built-in air pump then separate air-pump can be used. Air pump will be required to pump air and assist in ozonizing process. For that connect air pump and plasma generator with the help of tube.

Olive-fruit,ShadowLight, | Source

Now start plasma generator and air pump. Leave it for nearly one hour and hear the bubbling sound. After sometime, it will begin to concentrate a little. Now switch off the both generator and air pump.It is converted into cream.Transfer ozonated olive oil in separate bottle and store it in cool place so as to keep it in cream form and doesn't lose its charactertics. This process should be followed to generate not fully concentrated ozonated olive oil.

Fully Concentrated Ozonated Olive Oil

For making it fully concentrated, you will require a bigger bottle of olive oil, strong air pump that can flow air with more rate. Repeat the above for about 3 weeks 24x7.At last the bubble will begin to settle and a cream will produce. Stop the process. Now transfer the concentrated cream in other bottle and store it in cold place.

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Ozonated Olive Oil Benefits

Ozonated Olive Oil contains nearly half a percentage of oxygen which is very important to keep your skin young and glowing. Ozonated Olive Oil is used for curing all kind of skin ailment. It is natural cure for bee bites. It also cures fungus infected area.

If applied on wounded area, increases healing process. It removes scar from face that usually remained after some wound or pimple. It is remedy for skin ailment for ringworm.It cures burns and haemorrhoids.It can be easily called best antibiotic

See How to make Ozonated Olive Oil in this Youtube Video

In summary

So we can see that ozonated olive oil has more benefit than simple olive oil.However both have their benefits.According to your requirement,you can use it.However converting it to ozonated one is very expensive.


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