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How to Make a Candle Earring Display

Updated on September 3, 2012
Earring display using different types of candles and different style earrings.  Works for post earrings as well as hooks.
Earring display using different types of candles and different style earrings. Works for post earrings as well as hooks.

If you have a lot of earrings and don't know how to organize them, you're probably putting them in boxes or laying them out on your dresser, maybe even your drawer. They get tangled or lost or you just can't see them, so you don't remember what you have and end up not wearing them, then finding them later on wishing you would have seen those sooner.

Maybe you have them hanging on a canvas or cheesecloth. I've tried that and although it's a good idea, I don't really like the display on my wall. And what about the post backs? You're always losing those. And if the earrings are tiny, you end up losing those too. I can't tell you how many erasers I've cut to use as backs to my earrings. They just won't stay tight for long.

Well, if you have candles, I have a solution. I'm not talking about candle holders. I have a lot of candles without stands or holders.

Solution: Stick them to the wax on your candle! It won't ruin your earrings or tarnish them. They easily slip in and slip off. And if you are using the same hole over and over for the same pair, run your thumbnail across it and it easily seals itself up, ready to be used again. But depending on the size of the candle, you can post all your earrings around it. it looks pretty, makes a nice display, it's all in one spot and you can even use the candle at the same time if you want. As long as you keep the earrings on the outside where it's not burning, your earrings will be fine.

For hook backs, just stick them into the wax as if you're wearing them and they slide right in.
I thought of this while taking off a very expensive pair of diamond stud earrings I just lost the backs to. I was so upset, I didn't know what to do with them, and right in front of me on my dresser was this candle, so instinctively, I just poked them in. They were so shiny and looked so nice, I decided to post my other earrings on there as well. Now I have one candle for my dangle hook earrings and another just for posts.

If you don't have thick pillar candles, you can still use the thin ones because wax is wax. But obviously the thicker ones work best. There are beautiful colors and patterns to choose from. Be creative! Buy a large candle for your larger dangle earrings, make sure they're tall enough, and if they aren't, STACK THEM.

TIP: To stack them, simply grab your lighter (hopefully you use a barbecue lighter) and heat up the top of a candle, and quickly stick the other one on top before it dries. It works.

Leave the backs on and you'll never lose them again. If you look at my display, I separated my real posts on smaller votive candles and my larger and heavier earrings are on the other candles.

TIP: This is also great for your pins or brooches!

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