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How to Measure Body Parts For the Right Clothes Size Fit ( head, inseam, sleeve, hips, etc )

Updated on February 28, 2012


If you are asking " How do I measure myself for the right clothing size or hat size or belt size or ?" etc, etc you've come to the right place. I am not a tailor. That said, I do work with various clothing industries so sizing is familiar to me.

This article will teach you how to measure for shoes, your belt, sleeves, hat, head, etc etc etc.  Hopefully with the help of this article you'll be able to measure all body parts to get the right size and fit.

Use a cloth tape measure for all of these measurements

The Waist

The important thing to remember is that the location of your waist is subjective to an extent. You want to find the area on your waistline where you expect your pants to be when you where them. I don't recommend wearing your pants up to your chest, but if you do, consider that area your chest and measure there. Otherwise, figure on measuring the area where you think your pants waist or waistband to fall.

The Belt

When measuring size for a belt, always get a belt that is two inches larger than what you have measured for your waist. This will allow ample room for your to lose weight or, heaven forbid, gain weight without having to replace the belt.

The Bust (women) Or Chest (men)

To measure the chest or bust, get the right size:  

Chest - Measure the chest just under the arms, across the chest and across the shoulder blades. Keep the tape level with the floor.

Bust - Do the same as above but be sure to measure across the thickest or fullest part of the bust.  This measurement should give you the proper bust size.

Inseam or Leg

How to measure your inseam: A lot of people are surprised to know that the inseam is measured from the crotch seam down to were you expect the leg hem to fall.  Many mistakenly measure the inseam from the waist with disastrous results.


Measure around the bottom or base of your neck. The amount of inches is your neck size.  So for example, if you measure 15 1/2 inches around the bottom of your neck, your neck size is a 15 1/2 (also considered a medium)


To measure your hips for the right hip fit: Look at yourself in the mirror. Find the thickest part of your hips. Measure all the way around the thickest part.


To measure your head, look at yourself in the mirror .  Take the measuring tape and measure just about the brows around the whole head.


I've heard of a couple of ways to do this. Let's try this way...Get someone to help you. To measure the sleeve, put your hand on your hip and hold your arm there so that the elbow is bent 90 degrees. You've stood like this before with one arm on your hip even when not measuring yourself :-) Have someone put the end of the measuring tape on the middle back of your neck and measure across your shoulder to wear your forearm and arm meet (elbow that is :-). Write that number down. Then measure from elbow down to wrist. The total is your sleeve size.

Thanks for reading! Hope that helps


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