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How to Quit Biting Your Fingernails

Updated on July 19, 2013

Hidden Health Problems Associated with Fingernails

Biting your nails is a nasty habit. Fingernails harbor bacteria. You can be exposed to many different viruses and disease by biting your nails.

Look at the surfaces your hands, and nails come in contact with on a daily basis. The worst of surfaces for disease catching bacteria is money.

If you only knew how many different diseases, you can get by not washing your hands you would quit biting your fingernails. You would not be putting your fingernails or hands nowhere near your mouth.

This is why you should quit biting your fingernails. The myth is people bite their nails because they are craving calcium. Total, myth there is no calcium in fingernails.

People say they get nervous and the stress makes them bite their nails. Biting off your fingernails to the quick does not look attractive and it damages your teeth.

Weak, brittle, and discolored fingernails are a sign of poor diet. Physicians can tell a lot about your health by looking at your fingernails and toenails. If your fingernail bed is not pink that tells your doctor there is trouble. Discolored nails give your doctor a hint of health problems.

If your fingernails or toenails look discolored report it to your doctor.

How to Get Your Fingernails Healthy and Beautiful

Take a multivitamin everyday.

Go to your nearest beauty supply where you can purchase everything you need including the fiberglass strips.

Slightly buff each fingernail lightly with the rough side of your emery board. This is to make sure the fiberglass strips will stay on your fingernails for a long time.

Cut fiberglass strip to fit the center part of your nail. Do not cover entire nail just the center of your fingernail.

Strip should be sized and fitted. Use fingernail glue to glue your fiberglass strip in the center of your nail. The easiest way to glue the fiberglass strip to your nail is to put the glue on top of the fiberglass strip. Wait for strip to completely dry before proceeding to the next fingernail. If you mess up use fingernail polish remover with acid tone to remove the strip. Repeat the steps!

Fiberglass will hang over the tip of your nail. Just trim the fiberglass off. You may have to file your nail a bit to get rid of the excess fiberglass.

Buff the strips until the strips look almost like your real fingernail. Make sure you do not buff off your strips. If you're a nail biter you might want to do very little buffing. Buffing weakens the strips.

Use clear fingernail polish because if you use colored fingernail polish every time you get a chip in your nail polish. You will have to remove the polish.then you will also remove your strips. Then you will have to reapply the strips. You can also use a clear pink that will make the strips less noticeable. Just keep reapply the polish every few days.

You will be amazed how the strip strengthen your nails. Your fingernails will be a lot harder to bite within 2 weeks, you will see just how fast your nails really grow. Before you could not, tell because you were biting your fingernail off. You could not tell how fast your nails was growing because you bit your nails as fast as they grew.


Be careful with fingernail glue. Fingernail glue dries fast and almost impossible to un-glue.

Use a table to do your nails. Your chances of getting glue on something is slimmer and you can easily use your fingernail polish remover to remove the glue from your table.


Check your nails for roughness daily. File only in one direction go toward center of nail. Do not file nails in a back and forth motion you will only make your nails snag.


Ombre Technique

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    • profile image


      7 years ago

      Omg i have been biting my nails scence I was 2 1/2 oohh I've gotta stop

    • shivnandan profile image

      Shiv Nandan 

      8 years ago from Ghaziabad

      Nice advice useful..

    • Admiral_Joraxx profile image


      8 years ago from Philippines

      I kinda have this bad habit when I was a kid. Thanks to my mom, she helped me get rid of it. Great idea of sharing this Tamron, though I'm not particular about my fingernails, I'm glad I learned a lot about caring them today. Thanks to your hub. I voted up and useful.=)


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