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How to Reduce Dark Under Eye Circles

Updated on November 19, 2012

Causes for Dark Circles

If you are reading this article, chances are you are like me, and have dark circles or bags under your eyes. Don't feel bad, many people suffer from this affliction, and although it is in no way harmful, they are freaking ugly and annoying! It is important to go over what causes dark circles so you can do everything in your power to improve the appearance of your your under eyes before using cosmetics to disguise them. So here are the main causes of those unsightly bags.

Lack of Sleep

Duh! That's right folks, you need your beauty sleep, seven to eight hours is best. A lack of sleep can make your skin look a little more pale, which in turn will make your blood vessels more visible through the skin, and can give the appearance of bluish or dark circles. So go to bed early.


Circles under the eyes can also be a sign of dehydration. So if your bags look a little darker then usual, try drinking more water.

Iron Deficiency

Iron deficiency anemia can cause a bluish tinge under the eyes, so take your multi vitamin and eat lots of fruit and veggies rich in iron to keep your eyes looking fresh and well rested.

Thinning Skin

As we age, our skin gets thinner, thus the blood vessels and veins under the skin will be more visible, giving the under eye area a bluish tinge.


Ah, yes, lovely genetics. You can thank your mom for those hips and your dad for those under eye bags! Unfortunately, many of us are blessed and cursed with genetic traits that have been carried down the family line forever, and dark circles can be one of them.


Now What?

Ok, so you're getting enough sleep and water and you been taking your multi vitamins, but those pesky under eye circles are still there staring back at you in the mirror. Now we need to discover the world of make-up, in this day and age. Some make the mistake of simply covering up dark circles with a concealer which is a few shades lighter then their skin tone, but then you get that raccoon eye look. Not pretty. Anyone who has skin imperfections; whether it be blemishes, dark circles, rosacea, age spots, whatever, you should own a color correcting palette. Green covers red, yellow cover bluish tones, lilac or pink help with yellow skin tones, etc. Really, you just have to analyze your skin imperfections and tones, and then experiment with the color corrector. This is make-up you apply after primer and under foundation, trust me, it'll be your best friend. Dark circles are annoying, but with a little help from products that are now available in the make-up industry today, you can erase imperfections. Remember to have fun with it.


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