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How to Revamp your Apple iWatch with Butterfly Closure Band

Updated on February 16, 2017

Fashion gives us a lot of choice to fit every accessory and outfit with our style. The newest trending gadget today is the Apple iWatch which is already not new to us. For those who are used to wearing their watches using various types of bands and colors, worry no more. Why? You can now buy your set of iWatch because you can also buy different kinds and colors of iwatch bands. I have already talked about some of these types on my previous hubs but this one is another type. It is called the iwatch band with butterfly closure. Whoa! This doesn’t mean that this band is only for females because it doesn’t look like it sound.

Wear it like you wear your dress.
Wear it like you wear your dress.

More About Apple iWatch Band with Butterfly Closure

This band is made out of stainless steel and closes very easily with its butterfly clasp type. This type of band is fit to wear with casual and formal attires. For those who really like watches with metal bands, this is a perfect match for you because it really looks classy and elegant.

The colors only offered by third party sellers are silver and black. I haven’t seen other colors offered yet as of now. My best pick so far is a black one from OULUOQI which stands out among the others because of the bracelet links that are fitted well. Other brands when worn shows unpleasant gaps with the silver connectors while this one is well designed. The customer service is also very recommended because you can just contact them to return defective items for them to change.

Keep the old watch and wear the new one.
Keep the old watch and wear the new one.

What Users Say About OULUOQI’s Apple iWatch Band

As of this writing, there are already 292 user reviews of this items where 72% gave it a 5 star. This is actually a plus factor to the brand because in most cases, online buyers check the user reviews for quality check. I, for one give this much attention when buying anything because it really helps me determine which best product would fit me and of course, to check if the product is of good quality.

Users say this band is a good choice as it can be compared to more expensive brand because of the same features. It looks classy and the bracelet links can easily be removed and assembled for best fitting to your arm wrist. Another good point for this pick is its comfort which is being boasted by most users.

Like any other brand, it may come with some defects but like I mentioned earlier, they have a great customer service and you can just contact them and they will help you resolve any problem.


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    • Karen Hellier profile image

      Karen Hellier 11 months ago from Georgia

      This is a great option for people who want to spruce up a watch they already own without spending a lot of money on a whole new watch. Nice hub.