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How to Sell Used Clothes

Updated on June 10, 2013

If you want to clean out your closet, but you don't want to give all your goods away, try selling your clothes at a recycled clothing or consignment store. It's easy. If you follow these tips, you are more likely to get a better return on your clothes.

Know the Store

Different stores are looking for different styles, sizes, and trends. Scout your stores. Know whether the store sells vintage or contemporary styles. Learn whether they targeting teens or adults. Also, scope out the racks at the store. See what they already have and what similar kinds of clothes they may be looking for.

Wash and Mend Your Clothes

Your clothes need to be clean and rack ready. Stained or soiled clothes will not be accepted. Make sure clothes are freshly laundered and folded neatly. Watch for wrinkles and creases that will prevent a buyer from accepting your items. Any other tears or holes need to be mended before trying to sell. Fix seams and hems.

Stay with the Season

If it's springtime, leave your bulky sweaters at home. If it's fall, no need to bring your short shorts. Used clothing stores are often only buying for the current and upcoming season so don't even bother to drag out your clothes from last season. Some timeless items include dressy tops, cute dresses, and shoes.

Know What's in Style

Read the fashion mags or browse fashion blogs to find out what the trends are this season, from hot colors to hem and necklines. Save those items that are super trendy and currently out of season for another time. Jeans are never out of style.

Dress the Part

If you walk into the store to sell clothes looking like a scrub, the buyer isn't going to have a high opinion of your fashion. Instead, if you waltz in wearing something stylish that matches the style they are looking for, the buyer may think you have better taste and trust your judgement about some of the items you brought to sell.

Bring a Cute Bag

Again, it's about your personal style. If you bring your clothes in cheesy plastic grocery bags, it doesn't look as professional or desirable. It looks like you don't care about your clothes. If you don't treat your clothes right and care enough about them to keep them nicely, they won't want your stuff. The cuter the bag you bring, the more points you will score with a buyer.

Try a Different Buyer

Each buyer is different. Two buyers at the same store will purchase totally different items. If you have a favorite buyer (one who likes your style) find out when they are working and bring your clothes in to sell when they are on duty. Don't be discouraged if one buyer doesn't take any of your things. Try a different store or a different buyer another time.

Go For Trade

Many stores will give you a higher percentage back on the clothing you sell if you take an in-store trade. Your trade credit can often stay on file so you don't have to use it all that day. However, some stores sell clothes for cash only. Find out where you can best the bang for your buck.


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