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How to Shape and Pluck Your Eyebrows (Videos)

Updated on January 26, 2010

Ladies! One of the best ways to draw unwanted attention to yourselves is by over-tweezing or badly shaping your eyebrows. I'd like to think we all know what I'm on about with this, but that simply can't be true, as, if it were, we wouldn't see all the ladies with pencil-point thin eyebrows. (Or, conversely, ladies with heavily drawn on Munster eyebrows. The simple truth is that you can't have the eyebrows of your favorite celebrity unless you were born with a similar shape. Why? Cos you can't grow a new pair, so you've got to work with what you've got. The good news is, whatever you've got is probably already the best look for you and you'll just need a little fine tuning. Seriously -- Mother Nature tends not to screw things like that up.

Determine Your Eyebrow Shape

That said, some bushy brow mama's (like yours truly) do need to go above and beyond the normal brow taming, lest we look like Bert (erm, as in Bert and Ernie??) The following eyebrow video tutorials will help you determine the best eyebrow shape for your face and they will show you how to pluck and shape them into perfection. I'd suggest you watch all of them, because each offers a little something special on their own.

I've also included a video for those of you who have naturally super-thin brows and want to fill them in a tad (you can also use that video if you've over-plucked yours and need to make them presentable while they are growing back in. The clips are short but enormously useful. I've also included a few of my own tips so that you can learn from my own past eyebrow tweezing mistakes.

How to Shape, Trim and Tweeze Eyebrows

Eyebrow Shaping Demo

How to Fill Eyebrows In

Extra Eyebrow Shaping Tips:

  • Don't make a face while you're tweezing your eyebrows. Many women will slightly raise their brows while plucking them and this can bring them closer together -- for the moment -- but once they return to their normal position, the brows will look further apart than they should.

  • Bushy brow mamas should trim their brows before they do any plucking. You would be surprised by how little plucking you actually need once you've had a trim!

  • If you think your brows are too light but don't want to color them in with pencil, try using a brow tamer (or clear mascara) and they will darken up a bit.

  • If your brows get a bit crazy at some point during the day, consider using a brow tamer (or clear mascara).

  • The more your pluck your brows, the slower and thinner the hair seems to grow in. Therefore, be mindful of over-plucking as eventually you may have no choice but to pencil them in if the hair grows in too sparsely.

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