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How to Shave Facial Hair

Updated on March 22, 2013


If you're a teenager finally growing facial hair on your face. There are some things you should be aware of before you shave, for the first time. Before you start shaving your facial hair you need to know not to shave your neck. If you have no hair on your neck. Do not shave your neck. You will be sorry you did!

How to Shave

Shaving Facial Hair
Shaving Facial Hair | Source


Before shaving, gently clean your face with soap or a facial scrub. Use warm water. This step can be done in the shower or in your bathroom sink.. Using warm to hot water helps to open your pores.

Use a new razor blade, lather the entire area to be shaved with some shaving cream or gel. Let the shaving cream or gel sit on your beard for a minute this will increase the softness of the facial hair this will reduce the skin irritation.

Shave upward when your facial hair is growing downward in short, deliberate strokes. Shaving '''against''' the grain with a used razor increases your chances of irritation, causing black heads. Long strokes often cause one to press down too hard on the skin, increasing razor burn.

Rinse your blade out with water after each stroke. Rinse your blade under hot water before you begin to shave again. This removes the shaving cream, and facial hair.

For a close shave, use your other hand to pull skintight. Rub around extra shaving cream around the same area then shave that area again.

Wash your face well in cold water to remove all traces of shaving cream or foam. This helps close pores and stops any razor burn or skin irritation.

Apply a facial moisturizer or aftershave lotion to help keep the skin soft. Use aftershave lotion with Aloe Vera is the best choice.

Aloe Vera lubricates and softens the skin. While stopping the burning irritated skin.

Note: If you're a teenager shaving for the first time. Do not shave down your neck. Men that have shaved down their neck. Will tell you. They wished they never had. Once you start shaving your neck. You will be shaving your neck the rest of your life.

Do yourself a favor! Ask a few men that have whiskers or stubble down their neck. Only then decide whether or not to shave your neck.

How to Shave Your Face

How to Shave with Gillette

The Gillette video is only intend for demonstrate to how to shave. The author is not indorsing.nor selling product for Gillette or any other companies.


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    • profile image

      Beans 6 years ago

      I just started shaving like this in the past year. Before that it was strictly electric razors. But i did not know the part about potentially causing black heads. Learn something new every day.