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How to Shave With an Electric Razor Without Irritation

Updated on May 11, 2020
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Loretta is a DIY and lifehack enthusiast always researching on better productivity and management methods to make life easier and stressfree

Shaving can be easy; all you have to do is to pick up an electric razor and run it across your face until all the hair is gone. You might have cuts, itching, and bumps, but what does it matter to you, right?


Shaving wrongly can leave you with itching, rash, and bumps, which are not suitable for our skin and could lead to uncomfortable skin irritations. That is why it is essential to practice healthy and good shaving methods. It requires a bit more effort than running a shaver across your face, but it is worth it.

According to experts, an average man spends more than six months of his life shaving, and women make use of electric razors often as well. However, it is imperative that for persons who shave regularly, you should take precautions and use shaving methods and products that keep your skin healthy.

Irritation in the face, legs, underarm, or bikini area can cause discomfort and discourage persons from shaving. So, here are some easy tips to help you shave with an electric razor without irritation or battering your skin

1. Don’t Rush, Prep your face

Rushing through a shave is an excellent way to abuse your skin. You should dedicate a reasonable amount of time by prepping the area. Using face as an example in this article, you should prep your face by washing it.

Dermatologists recommend using facial cleansers to help soften the hair; they contend that soap can be harsh and could wash away the oils that soften hairs. Leave the facial cleanser on your face for a few minutes then rinse off.

2. Use Shaving Cream

Using shaving cream is essential to get a clean shave and skin afterward. Dermatologists recommend that depending on your skin sensitivity, maybe you should choose shaving creams labeled for sensitive skin. Lather up your face with it, using a brush for maximum effect, and let it sit for 2 to 3 minutes to soften the hairs on your face, making it easy for shaving to be done in one swipe.

3. Use Good Electric Shaver

Perhaps the most crucial tip involves the kind of shaver you use. I know by now you would have figured out the best shaver that works for you. Also, if you are new to the shaving room, experts recommend using single blade sharp razors. Some men favor single razors, while some favor double razors; the important thing is for it to be sharp and clean.

Using a blunt razor would keep you running it through several times, causing skin irritation, uneven shave, and bumps. So make sure to use a sharp electric blade.

4. Clean the electric razor

Always make sure that your electric shaver is in excellent and clean condition. A close and good shaving experience starts with having a clean shaver. Also, changing your blades regular is vital in keeping your razor in excellent condition. That is why experts recommend using inexpensive single blades rather than multiples that could prove expensive and less likely for you to change them.

5. The Hot and Cold Treatment

Some experts recommend shaving in the shower or after a shower; this is to keep your skin moist, which makes for a good shave. This explains why some barbers prep the skin with moisturized hot towels before a shave.

After a shave, rinse your face with cold water to reduce inflammation. This is equivalent to compressing an injury with ice, as cold water reduces inflammation. You could also use a moisturizer or other skin-friendly aftershave to keep the skin dehydrated and avoid irritation.

6. Go With the Grain

This is a rule of thumb; when shaving, go with the grain always. It means that you should run the razor in the direction that the hair is growing. Going against the direction can cause irritation, aftershave itch, and razor burn, but some people prefer going against the grain because it gets them a closer shave. However, when you follow the steps above and soften the hair enough, you would get a close shave by going with the grain.

7. Treat yourself sometimes and get the professional touch

Recently, it has become common for men to get their shaves done professionally. Saving them the time and effort of having to do it all. Some professionals also offer some additional skin-friendly incentives such as facial massage and sanitized warm towel treatments. You should pamper yourself sometimes and get your shave professionally done.


One of the most crucial tips is to clean your electric shaver after use. This keeps your shaver clean and in excellent condition for the next use. Discarding the razor without use could make it more difficult to clean when you need it next and even unhealthy for your skin.

This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and is not meant to substitute for formal and individualized advice from a qualified professional.

© 2020 Loretta Osakwe Awosika


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