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How to Spot Fake True Religion Jeans

Updated on May 20, 2014

Shopper's Guide to Spotting Fake True Religion Jeans

Don't be duped into buying fake designer jeans like I have in the past! I love to shop for premium denim at a bargain price and can't help myself. However, there are scammers that love to sell fake True Religion jeans to unsuspecting buyers. Here are my top tips for spotting counterfeit TR jeans so you don't become a fashion victim to inferior merchandise.

#1 Tags, tags, and tags!

Authentic True Religion jeans have more than 1 tag. Most have 2 tags at least, and some of them have 3 tags. Fake TR jeans have one tag and it's typically not sewn on well. The stitching is a big indicator if they are fakes. Quality stitching is ALWAYS on the authentic pair. Also, authentic True religion jeans have a tag stating that no two are alike. The knock offs usually have the back tag sewn on off-center and it looks poorly done. The real ones are center and definitely sewn on with care.

#2 The Pockets and Designs

The pockets on genuine True Religion denim are pointed and are made in a "Joey" type look. The fakes have a rounded appearance. Also, the designs on the pockets of counterfeits are in a U shape that looks more like a half of an "O". Real TR jeans have a pronounced U shape that is uniform and appears like a horseshoe. Inside the pockets, there is a red Buddha symbol sewn in. The red Buddha is typically bright and vibrant looking in REAL True Religion jeans. In fakes, the Buddha is faded in appearance

#3 True To Size

Authentic True Religion jeans are typically true to size. If you've owned a pair before, you know they are pretty accurate. They don't often have an issue with off sizing like some of the cheaper brands do. There is a reason TR is known as premium quality denim. Fake TR denims are usually much smaller than they are labeled as. If a seller is advertising that the tag says one thing, but runs a lot smaller, then you can probably assume that they are not authentic.

#4 The Stitching Tells the Tale

On genuine TR jeans, the inside stitching is high quality. You can tell that someone took great care to sew everything very well. On fakes, the stitching is poor and not done with care. The difference in the inside stitching is very telling. If you can see photos of the inside stitching online when buying a pair, it will be imperative to enlarge the pictures and look! It will be fairly obvious if the stitching is poorly done.

#5 Using retail photos instead of real ones

One of the oldest tricks in the book on sites like Ebay is for sellers to post photos of the jeans they have for sale that are from the manufacturer site or an approved retailer. These photos often look like models are wearing them or that they are professionally taken. Compare photos from listings to photos on known retailer sites. If you recognize the photos, ask the seller to put up REAL pictures of the True Religion jeans. If they hesitate or don't reply, then it would be smart to just not buy.

Real sellers on sites like Ebay will post real photos of the actual jeans they have for sale and will often post close up pictures. Many of them will have photos of the tags, the front and back, and the bottoms. Legit sellers have no problem posting these because they have nothing to hide! You really can find genuine True Religion jeans online, just be smart about it and do your research.

Report sellers of fakes immediately!

If you find a seller that is trying to market their fakes as genuine, report them immediately! It only takes a few minutes of your time and it's worth every second of that. I've had to do it more than once myself. It saves other people that may not have the knowledge to spot a fake from being scammed. I have been that person who is new to buying quality jeans online and looking for a deal. Premium denim is often a big purchase for regular folks. Spending a big chunk of money on jeans is a big deal and being scammed is just a huge slap in the face.

Many people spend good money on premium denim because they feel good in them and because they are made to last. Quality denim is called QUALITY for a reason. True Religion is one of those brands because they make a great product. People expect that when they lay down their cash for their jeans. Let's help each other out by reporting deceptive sellers and websites. If a website is selling counterfeit merchandise as a retailer, report it to the manufacturer. They will make sure that the website selling fakes is shut down as quickly as possible.


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