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How to Confidently Buy Ladies Clothing on eBay

Updated on October 4, 2016


This is a guide for someone who has an eBay account and who would like to have more confidence buying ladies clothing.

Buying on eBay can be very rewarding. I myself have scored some unique and fabulous items of clothing that have helped me develop my own personal style without spending a fortune.

I am hoping to share with you some of the the 'know how' I've developed through spending many glorious hours shopping online with eBay.

Getting Started

If you haven't already got an account with eBay, get one! It's free to sign up. It also helps if you have a Payal account as most traders except Paypal for payment.

It always helps to know what you want, write it down if you like, that why your expectations are more likely to get met rather than flicking through things blindly and then 'oh look something shiny'.

Use your search window to type in your request, for example 'Ladies Jacket' and once you've done that then you can refine your search by choosing from the menu on the left of your screen, so you'll choose WOMEN'S CLOTHING you can specify condition NEW, USED etc. (I prefer to buy new clothes because there's more chance of the item being perfect, whole and complete).

You can also specify the amount you want to spend up to. There are more preferences you can use to refine your search but sometimes you're best to keep it simple so you can see more variety.

With regard to sizing, keep an open mind so you don't limit your choices, remember you've got XS for extra small, XL for extra large etc etc. as well as your regular sizing so most importantly keep a tape measure on hand. A Lot of listings will have a size chart or some sort of guide. Also I've found when buying clothing overseas like China and Hong Kong their stuff seems to be smaller so if you're buying lingerie be particular about measuring.

You have a choice also of AUCTIONS and BUY IT NOW. Most items I've successfully purchased through auction have been within the last 10 minutes of the listing ending. I'm more of an instant satisfaction type of girl so I much prefer BUY IT NOW listings.

The Technical bit

So now you've got the results of your search up, somethings got your attention, and you've clicked on it, before you get too excited look at the window on the right of your screen that says SELLER INFORMATION in this box you will have the name of the seller and their RATING click on the number beside the sellers name and you will get their feedback profile, this is what other ebayers have thought of their transactions READ IT it is usually very informative of what you can expect. I don't buy from sellers that are new or have not been around for long, I just find it safer for me, particularly when purchasing overseas.

When there is more than one item available for sale under a single listing note that the item you intend to purchase may vary slightly from what is pictured for example if the item has a pattern that pattern may differ slightly (the worst case scenario 'I had' was that I got an item that the print was upside-down).

But How Will It Look On Me?

Have a good look at the pictured item, are there any designs or motifs etc. in obscure places? eg: if you're buying pants you don't want an ill placed flower or skull right on top of your crotch. Likewise take note of patterns of dark and light colour that would make one breast appear larger than the other or a light patch just in front of your abdomen that would make it stand out.

Look at the cut of the style; is it a short top/coat or something with a bit more length that will cover your belly or show it off?

Will the placement of pockets on the backside make your bum look big, or grabable?

Does it look heavy and uncomfortable or cuddly and touchable?

Imagine yourself wearing that item of clothing, where will the creases fall? Sometimes a models pose can make a shapeless dress or coat appear flirty.

And check the measurements and check the measurements. I'm being irish, "to be sure, to be sure!"

If you particularly like what your looking at; check out the SEE OTHER ITEMS or VISIT SELLERS STORE in the SELLERS INFORMATION window on the right hand side. Chances are that if you like that style you'll probably like what else they have to offer and there may be a postage discount for multiple items.

Bulk and Mixed Item Listings

BULK and MIXED item listings can be a bit of a lucky dip, I've gotten some trash and I've gained some treasure and I've resold and made money on the odd occasion.

Some items of clothing simply don't photograph well but when found in a bulk listing purchase can be a beautiful surprise.

On the other hand I've also inadvertently received some rubbish that looked good on screen, but was disgusted when I received it, because they were stained, damaged or smelt bad. Thankfully these mishaps have been few and far between. (If you are a seller and reading this don't ruin a potential buyers purchase with an item that has obviously got a problem just to 'make up the extra weight' to a pre-paid parcel, it doesn't matter how good you think your other items are, if one thing is crap the good feeling your buyer gets when they're going through their purchase will dissisapate very quickly).

Look at the pictures carefully and read the descriptions and the sellers feedback history.

Purchasing from Overseas Sellers

Unfortunately I've felt the need to add this section after a spate of rubbish purchases.

The last few times I've purchased clothing items from China sellers the clothing fabric has been of poor quality and nearly always see-through.

While the style in the pic might look good the actual item is quite shoddily put together so it looks like something a 9 year old stitched up (which may well be the case).

I'm just really unhappy with what I've received of late and feedback scores are NOT a good indicator of the quality of the item. It also makes me wonder how many people just don't leave feedback at all.

Wrapped Up

The more you purchase the more savvy you will get. I find that most home grown eBayers are very proud of their ratings particularly if they have 100% and the overall intention is to keep it well up there. So read read read your listings carefully you don't want to be put in a situation where you have to RESOLVE AN ISSUE this in turn may lead to yourself to getting a less than pleasing comment on your feedback history.

Have fun with it and occasionally buy something for someone else just because it feels good.

P.S. comments are appreciated and no doubt I will edit this as the hub progresses. Thank-You for reading :)


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