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Infected Ear Ring Hole

Updated on August 6, 2015

Taking Care of Pierced Ears

Getting your ears pierced is an exciting thing, especially if you've never had it done before. It is extremely popular to get ears pierced at younger and younger ages, even babies. What a lot of people don't realize before getting their ears pierced or letting their kids get them pierced is that they can get infected very easily. With kids, all they have to do is touch them and bacteria can get into the piercing. The other thing that leads to infection is not following the instructions to take care of your newly pierced ears.

To take care of your pierced ears, make sure to turn the earring gently every few hours.

Make sure to use alcohol in the morning and evening. Use a Q-tip and squeeze a drop onto your ear with your head turned sideways. With the drop on your earring hole, turn your earring. This is key because it will get alcohol into the ear hole itself. Also put the alcohol on the back part of your earring. This is easier to do if you have someone helping you.

Other than when you turn your earrings every few hours, do not play with your ears, earring, or tug on them. Don't be alarmed if you wake up and your earring is a little stuck and won't turn easily. Just twist it quickly and it will turn. All that's happening is while you're sleeping the skin is trying to rebuild itself which ends up being around your earring. Until your earrings are fully healed, this will happen but it'll get less and less.

Symptoms of Infected Pierced Ear

The symptoms of an infected pierced ear include:

* Red around the earring hole

* Puss or oozing coming out of the earring hole

* Extreme pain, you will have a little discomfort but should not experience sharp pains, or just really bad pain


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