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How to Tease Hair and Keep it from Going Flat

Updated on March 16, 2013
Lana Del Rey with big teased hair
Lana Del Rey with big teased hair


Teasing also know as back combing is a great way to get volume. If you are looking to style your hair with lots of volume and shape then teasing your hair is a great way to do so. Big hair with lots of volume has been popular many times throughout history and each time a little different but every time teasing has always been the easiest way to get that look. If you have straight hair that lays flat no matter what you do then this method may just become your new best friend. The most popular modern hairstyle that requires back combing is the bump or poof.

Volumizing hair spray
Volumizing hair spray

How to prevent damage while teasing

Teasing your hair the wrong way can cause tearing and breakage to avoid serious damage some tips are listed below.

  • Tease your hair when it is dry not when wet.
  • Teasing while your hair is wet will cause serious damage.
  • Teasing your hair in small sections will give you more volume without causing as much damage.
  • Teasing your hair gently and slowly gets the same results with less damage.
  • Using a volumizing serum or hairspray on your roots before teasing may help.
  • Teasing your hair with a brush is less painful than a brush.


How to tease your hair

  • Hold a small section of your hair straight up (I like to start at the back)
  • Hold the hair tightly and slowly comb the back straight down.
  • Keep combing until your hair has the amount of volume you want.
  • Moving your way forward and repeat this process until you have teased all the way up to the front.
  • Carefully Comb the top layer over the remaining teased hair.
  • Make sure all the hair on top is soothed over.
  • Use hair spray to hold in place.

At this point you are finished teasing you can continue to style your hair however you want but the easiest way to maintain this look is by securing the teased hair together in the back with some bobby pins creating a poof. This is not the only hairstyle you can do and if you want you can teas it spray it and let is loose like in the eighties.


How to keep it in place

Alright so now you have created lots of volume by teasing your hair and it looks great you just want to keep it that way. A little hairspray goes along way. You can also use bobby pins to hold it in place. If you do let it free fall you will need a lot more hairspray. Other products like gel and mouse work too but I like hair spray because it is light and does not weigh the hair down. If you put your hair in an elegant updo you may not need to pin your hair into place but I would still use the hairspray. If you do style your hair up and you do choose to use hair clips or pins often the hairstyle hides the clips. When using accessories I would avoid putting anything heavy on top of the teased part of your hair. Only light hair clips and headbands this will keep it from falling flat.

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    • Shiley profile image

      Karen Shiley 4 years ago from Washington

      Yes lots of hairspray and backcombing is the secret of big hair!

    • torrilynn profile image

      torrilynn 5 years ago


      Ive always wanted to tease my hair but with my texture it would never work. Thanks for the read.

      Voted up.