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How to Tell Your Dad You Want a Bra for the First Time

Updated on December 10, 2015

Every teenager either boy or girl will be through a period of puberty in their life. So, if you're a boy or a girl who is coincidence going through puberty, it is a normal thing that you experience in life. It is just that the situation is different in each person. This time I will share some tips for every young girl who facing their puberty and who are in a situation where they needs their father to assist them in meeting the needs in order going through period of puberty: how to tell dad when girl need bras for the first time.

Some girls who are going through puberty could face a situation where they have to tell to their dad about why they have to buy their private needs such as bras and tampons and this may able to bring up an awkward situation. Well, saying something personal especially things that are related with gender to the opposite gender perhaps can lead to an awkward situation, though they want to tell it to people who are really close to them such as brother or father. There are many reasons why are some girls have to tell to their dad about their private needs such as their father are the only parent they have or perhaps their mothers living far away for some reasons and the girls have to live with his father or their mother was ill and therefore can not accompany her daughter to go shopping to buy their personal needs, and other various reasons.


If you are a girl who perhaps is in a situation as mentioned above, you need to try to figure out what to do and decided the best way from what you think to tell to your dad about what you need. If you have people who are close to you beside your dad, you can ask them for help. It will be better if they are family or your relatives. It could be your sister, your auntie, or maybe your cousin. You can ask your best friend too, especially if they also are going through puberty just like you. You might need their advice during your puberty. It is also better to ask for a person who is older than you and who have experienced going through puberty like you. They can help you by sharing their experience, giving you some advice to pick bras that suit you and everything else. You can also ask them to accompany you to buy bras.

There are many things that happened when we are going through puberty. Puberty is when we began to change physically from childhood to adulthood. The period of puberty also affects our emotional side and sometimes it affects our mood and behavior. Pass through the stages of puberty is challenging. It is the time where you have to learn to manage yourself. There will be many new things that you will get during the period of puberty. If you find something you do not understand, do not hesitate to ask about the people who closest to you, who you think are wise to give you some opinions and can understand you.

Now, what things are necessary to tell to your dad that you need a bra for the first time? If your dad is the person who set your finances, then you need his support to meet your personal needs. If you just want to ask for money to your dad and then go to buy a bra alone or accompanied by your sister, best friend or your aunty without overtly against your dad, it is understandable because this is your first time experience and perhaps you still feel awkward to be open or to tell about it to him. You could say to your dad that you need money to buy private needs or any girl's stuff without specifically had to tell him that you need a bra. Or if you feel awkward or embarrassed to tell him, you can ask for help through your sister or auntie or any family members that close to you to tell it to your dad. Nevertheless, it would be better if you told the truth about your dad either directly or through the closest person you trust. Maybe you could ask for advice from your sister or aunt first. Most dads will understand the needs of their children including their daughter’s needs.

Private needs for puberty are important. Your daughter is perhaps having mixed feelings around her puberty. Know what they need. The need is not only a mere physical needs but also the psychological needs. Some girls are perhaps afraid to go to school because some changes in physical form affect their appearance therefore sometimes they are not ready to show themselves in social environments such as schools. Accompany them and give a good understanding that all teens would go through puberty and it is normal.


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