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How to Make Eyelashes Thicker and Longer... for real!

Updated on June 7, 2013

This article is definitely not talking about applying mascara or putting fake lashes on. Although both can do a good job in enhancing one's lashes say, for a big night or maybe for everyday look, and may probably be the practice of a lot of girls and ladies these days, including you who is reading this now. =) However, either of the two can really be such a hassle and a pain considering the time you need to get that perfect curling and coating, or to carefully stick a foreign object to your eyes to achieve that perfect look each time. And by perfect look, it means to make it look natural and beautiful at that. Do you agree on the hassle part?

Aside from the inconvenience, constant curling and application of mascara can actually weaken our lashes making them thinner or shorter through time. If you are a fan of such practice, you may have noticed that doing so dries them out; and it also causes more lashes to fall than usual especially when cleaning up as the act of wiping has a great tendency to break them. In the same manner, removing fake lashes can also pull out natural lashes that stick with the glue, and what's worse is that frequent usage can actually cause infection to the eyes such as conjunctivitis which is an inflammation of the inner surface of the eyelids.

Avoiding this and maintaining our eyes healthy, plus never having to do the tedious procedure of eyelash make over and the even more tedious redo every possible day is quite achievable actually. The best way to stop all the faking is to make it real. Yes, you can thicken and elongate your lashes for real and with no big deal on your pockets. Yes, for real, and with no cosmetic surgery whatsoever involved.

Castor oil is readily available and can be bought in drug stores or in supermarkets for a dirt cheap PHP 20.00 (less than $1.00) per 15ml bottle or so in the Philippines. If you are familiar with it, castor oil has a lot of common household uses. One of which is as remedy for skin problems such as burns, sunburns, skin cuts and abrasions because castor oil is rich in Vitamin E.

Only this plus a cotton swab will do the trick for having that long and thick lashes you never really had. Here's a very simple procedure on how to go about with the application.

1. Pour small amount of castor oil on the bottle's cap. Dip the cotton swab tip into the oil until the cotton just absorbed enough of the liquid. Be sure not to overdip and that the oil at the tip doesn't drip to avoid messing up and to overapply that it feels so heavy on the eyes later.

2. Our lashes, if we take a closer look at it in a mirror, are located just below our upper waterlines and just above our lower waterlines. The roots are the target. Apply some castor oil on them by dabbing the dipped cotton swab on the roots. If you are not comfortable doing so, you may also gently pull your eyelid up to get a better view of your upper eyelashes and do the dabbing. For the lower lashes, pull down the skin underneath your eye, just like what you usually do when you apply eyeliner, so you can conveniently apply the oil. Be sure to cover all the roots from left to right. Be careful not to put oil on the waterlines. Remember, our target is the roots.

4. Do this at night time just before going to sleep so you can close and rest your eyes after.

5. In the morning, you can just wash it off when you take a bath by just doing your usual morning ritual of washing your face and that's it!

Easy, cheap, effective!


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