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Review and How to Use Too Faced Better Than False Lashes Mascara

Updated on April 26, 2012

Too Faced has created a new product called "Better Than False Lashes Mascara". The whole idea of this new mascara is that you can dump your false lashes and just use this new mascara. Well, you're thinking it's just a mascara right? Wrong! It's a mascara that also has an additional tube with fibers that will adhere to your lashes and literally make them longer and look as if you were wearing false lashes. Does it work? You be the judge. Here's a demo of the product.

Before Mascara

Before mascara
Before mascara


So, to begin with, I'm a blonde with super light lashes. So, in order to even see my lashes you I need to have mascara on them. Here's my before picture. (Please excuse the crazy hair!)

My lashes with base/mascara on
My lashes with base/mascara on

Step One

First, take the large tube of base/mascara and brush a coat over your lashes. Make sure you get every single one because this is what the fibers will need in to adhere to your lashes. You want to do one eye at a time because you want to make sure that the base/mascara is still wet enough to capture the most fibers.

My lashes with the fibers on them
My lashes with the fibers on them

Step Two

Next you'll need to use the small fiber tube. When you pull the wand out it looks like its covered in cotton candy. These are actually small fibers that will adhere to the base/mascara. Make sure you don't get any clumps when you're brushing the fibers on your lashes. Also, you'll need to do at least two coats to get enough of the fibers on your lashes. It will look like you've colored you're lashes grey when you're done.

My lashes completely done
My lashes completely done

Step Three

Finally go back to the base/mascara and brush on one to two coats. Make sure all of the fibers are completely covered.

Huge difference right? I don't know that it'll entirely replace my false lashes but, this mascara definitely does more than my regular mascara. The fibers actually do add length and fullness to my lashes. So where you can find it? Right now you can only buy it online at Sephora or Amazon. Sephora will begin carrying it in stores at the end of the month. Happy Shopping!

For more information on sales, beauty advice and other fun information please visit me at my blog The Angry Shopper.


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