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How to Wear Red Lipstick: Tips and Tricks Giving Insight into the Ultimate Fashion Accessory!

Updated on April 22, 2009

A versatile fashion accessory that can be teamed with almost any outfit, red lipstick is a must-have! Red lipstick can be used to create several different stunning looks and should not be left out of your handbag. If you've never used red lipstick before, be brave and make a bold statement! Here are some tips and tricks as to how to use red lipstick to its full potential.

It is well-known that a dash of red lipstick can make your teeth appear whiter. However, when wearing red lipstick, you should always remember that it will highlight any red spots or imperfections on your face. Before you apply it, make sure your skin is well primed.

Below are examples of some of the different looks that can be achieved by the use of red lipstick:


Your skin really does need to be flawless to pull off this look.The eye make-up for this look needs to be simple so as not to distract people from your lips. A quick application of mascara can be used to gently highlight the eyes, and your only other makeup product needs to be a lipliner in a nice red, applied before the lipstick.


This look can be achieved by using a foundation to create a matte finish in your skin tone. Play up the drama in your eyes by lining them with some smoky charcoal eyeliner and then smudging it slightly. Darker shades of red lipstick work best with this look and your lips can be accentuated with a plum lipliner.


This playful look utilises a bright shade of red lipstick combined with flawless skin and a dash of pretty blush on the cheekbones. The eyes can be emphasised by liquid eyeliner in black, a coat or two of mascara or a neat set of false lashes, so get creative! 


The last and hardest of common red lipstick looks is natural. Such a dramatic shade of lipstick is hard to play down but tinted moisturiser and perhaps some bronzer can be combined with natural eyes and red lipstick for a gorgeous, 'barely there' look.

Of course, there are some people who simply cannot wear red lipstick. It may simply be because of their facial features, skin tone or their favoured outfit colour. Don't let your inability to wear the classic fire-truck red lipstick discourage you. Other shades may suit you better - so experiment and find out! Make the most of testers you see in stores by applying a little of the lipstick and viewing it in natural light. You may very well find that a darker tone, leaning more toward the brown end of the spectrum suits you. Pink may also be your colour.

The most important thing to remember when trying out a new shade of lipstick is to have fun.


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    • HappyHer profile image

      Tracy Morrow 8 years ago from Cleveland, OH

      These are some great tips for red lipstick! I really like how you mentioned how to wear it with a variety of looks. How about what shade red fits the best color complexion? That would be another awesome hub!

    • Will Apse profile image

      Will Apse 8 years ago

      Nice smooth, apparently effortless, prose without an ounce of fat. And red lipstick! Perfect...