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How to Wear a Denim Vest 9 Ways

Updated on March 11, 2013
Classic | Source
The image.
The image. | Source

Denim never goes out of style.

Wearing denim waxes and wanes as a trend, but it seems like every year there are new ways to wear denim, and someone is saying the old ways were silly.

Some denim never goes out of style (see right!) and nothing beats it for protection, insulation, and just plain work clothes.

Wearing denim vests can be tricky, because jeans are so ubiquitous these days. Many people are afraid to wear a denim vest in case they end up looking too matchy matchy, but it can be done even with jeans! Read on to see some examples.

The Classic Denim Vest.

The classic denim vest is medium-toned and simple. If denim weren't getting such a raw deal in media these days, I would even call it a staple. There are so many ways to wear a denim vest. Over a skirt, with non-jean pants, under a jacket, cropped high, etc etc etc.

First, you must choose a type of vest. There are short and long ones, and light, medium, and dark tones.

There is a sort of continuum from short/light to long/dark in terms of city-style to rural-style.

short and light vests are more country or punk style denim

long and dark vests are more city or classy style

How to Wear a Denim Vest
Pure country- flaunt your curves and wear a thin long-sleeve tee.
Less of a statement. A jacket, open over it, brings it together.
Punky. Dress this one up with metallic accents.
Can swing toward "farmer mom" or "hipster princess" so make sure to choose correctly. Big heels and headbands help you out.
Quieter than the other options, multcolor bangles and a black dress make it fun.
Classy and stylish. Black boots and pants are best here.
Weird Cuts
Insanity - wear this and go all out. Big hair, ripped jeans, 90's grunge.
A punky vintage statement. Get the point across with a big skirt.
Mod style. Hair up and blocky colors fill this out.

Short and Dark- Pairing with a Black Jacket and White Shirt makes mixing denims OK


Hipster Denim- Light Tone and Simple Style


The Classy Type. Little Black Dress, Dark Denim Vest


Rockabilly Style- A little punk, a little classic.


How you wear a denim vest will also depend on body type. You can see in these pictures how a curvy girl should go for the shorter more fitted vest, while the long and straight type can pull off a big long vest which would look "mom" ish on a more busty girl.

The number one rule of wearing a denim vest is to accentuate, not cover up. Covering up with denim is not going to work, because at heart it will always be a statement piece. Even if you can find it in K-mart's "mom" section, the sheer oddness of seeing a 20-something wearing denim on top is going to attract attention. Trying to dress down with it just drags you into fanny-pack ridiculousness. Model your approach after these girls and rock the vest, don't hide in it.


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