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Tips on How to Whiten Your Underarm

Updated on February 4, 2014

Undergo Whitening Dermatological Procedures If You have the Money

Do you have dark underarm problem? Oh well don’t despair for you are not alone. Many people particularly women are into this problem. And the culprit is mostly the deodorant they use. Prolong use of deodorant leads to darkening and this is a proven fact. In fact even those brands that are advertised to whiten underarms do otherwise.

Obviously the best way to stop further darkening of underarms is to stop using deodorant. But if you stop doing so, how can you do away with underarm odor? This is a bigger problem not just for you but also for people around you if you just let your underarm stink. How then can you solve this problem if you can’t do away with deodorant?

Do you see and envy these celebrities on TV have flawless underarms? They can show their armpit without hesitation. They want to flaunt their smooth and white underarms to prove that they have nothing to hide. Are they really gifted with such flawless underarms? What do you think is their secret?

Oh well maybe there could be few who have been gifted with smooth and white underarms but most of them actually undergo underarm whitening treatment procedure on a regular basis in saloon or derma clinic. They have the money so they can always undergo underarm whitening treatment in their favorite saloon. It is sure, safe, quick and very effective way to get away with rough and dark armpit.

But the problem here is the money. If you are also “can afford” just like these celebrities then you can always go through the same dermatological procedure. But if you don’t have the budget for that procedure do you still have other way to solve your underarm problem or you have no more choice but hide your armpit all your life?

Go for the Natural Way If you Have no Budget

The fact is there is a natural way to lighten those dark underarms. But of course the effect is not as quick and as perfect as the dermatological procedure but it has been proven to have positive effect after months of using it. Here is the method:

  1. First step is to stop using deodorant and instead shift to a natural but effective natural way to prevent underarm odor. Every morning rub calamanci or lemon on your underarms at least 30 minutes before you take your shower. If you want to smell fresher you can even do this procedure on your entire body. (Take note that Lemon or calamanci is also a natural exfoliant so this procedure can even make your entire body skin smoother if you do this on a regular basis.
  2. After taking shower rub alum stone (tawas) on your skin. Moisten your armpit so that the alum stone can release its deodorizing power. Don’t ever use tawas powder because chances are it can darken your armpit even more because tawas powder is sharp and can bruise your sensitive underarm skin when use regularly.
  3. If you do perspire a lot, you can always repeat the number 2 procedure when necessary.
  4. At night rub cucumber slices on your armpit. Leave for 20 minute before washing or taking your evening shower. After showering apply baking powder (not baking soda) on your armpit generously.
  5. Use a gentle scrub on your armpit whenever you take shower to exfoliate the dead skin.

Do this regimen every day. It takes patience but this is very effective if done consistently.


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    • Greenlily profile image

      Greenlily 4 years ago from Philippines

      You are most welcome jasmeetk

    • Jasmeetk profile image

      Jasmeet Kaur 4 years ago from India

      @greenlily... thank you so much. I will check it online....:)

    • Greenlily profile image

      Greenlily 4 years ago from Philippines

      Alum stone or simply alum is a chemically hydrated aluminum potassium sulfate which looks like a crystal although not as clear. Here in the Philippines we can buy this even in the sidewalk. We call this tawas. If you don't have this in your country then you can buy online .

    • Jasmeetk profile image

      Jasmeet Kaur 4 years ago from India

      what is alum stone and where I can buy it? It will help in reducing underarm hair growth as well?