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How to apply crackle nail polish

Updated on September 19, 2015

Buying nail polish is an exciting experience. There are so many brands and colors to choose from. With an endless selection, you can easily be carried away and confused. However, depending on the effect you hope to attain, your selection can be narrowed down to a few brands. One of the most appealing nail art looks is the crackle nail art.

Crackle nail polish is a unique type of nail polish that shrinks at it dries. This causes it to form shatters and cracks on the nails. These cracks reveal the color of the nail polish used as the base color. For an appealing shattered look, it is advised that the base color and the crackle nail polish be of different colors.

Characteristics of crackle nail polish

  • The crackle nail polish comes in a 15ml bottle
  • Depending on the brand, the nail polish can be available in a variety of colors.
  • The crackle nail polish shrinks at it dries thus forming the cracks.

Types of Nail Polish
All in One
Formulated with a base coat and top coat in the polish
Long Lasting
Created to be rezistant to chipping
Growth Enhancing
Has ingredients that promote nail growth

Things you will need for your crackle look

Before you can attain your crackle look, there are a few things you must have. These items include:

  • A crackle nail polish of your choice
  • A base coat to prevent your nail from staining.
  • A normal nail polish of your choice that forms the base color.
  • A top coat to complete the entire look and hold it all together.

Application preparations

Doing your nails is like doing your hair. You want to make sure it is done right. After all, appearances are everything. Before the crackle nail polish can be applied, one must be well prepared. Ensure that you purchase a quality crackle nail polish from a reputable brand. Crackle nail polish, just as normal nail polish is found in numerous stores.

Ensure that your nails are clean prior to embarking on this process. Remove any traces of nail polish and ensure that they are clear. Dry the nails and trim them before proceeding.


How to apply crackle nail polish

If you are well prepped and in possession of all the requirements, it is time to do your nails. Spread them out and let’s go. Here is a step by step guide on how to apply the crackle nail polish.

1. Apply the base coat

This is normally a unique nail polish applied on the nail as the first layer. This coat prevents the nail from staining when other types of nail polish are used on the nail. The base coat also enables the other top layers to stay longer on the nails.

2. Apply the base color

The base color needs to be a solid colored nail polish. Apply a substantial amount of nail polish ensuring that the layers are even and the color is opaque.

3. Exercise some patience

Once you have applied the base color, allow it sufficient time to dry. A perfectly dry coat will give better results.

4. Apply the crackle nail polish

Once dry, it time for the real deal. Apply a single layer of the crackle nail polish. Do not go over a portion that you have already done. This will distort the final effect. A single layer is enough to give a vivid, clear crack effect.

5. More patience is required

Sit back and relax. Let the nail polish dry. This will allow the crackle nail polish to shrink and form the shatters. Different brands take different durations to dry. Give the nail polish a few extra minutes to ensure they are completely dry.

6. Apply the top coat

This is a transparent protective layer that enables the other layers to stay on longer. It prevents the polish from chipping and gives the overall appearance a glossy finish.

7. Enjoy your look

Once the top coat has dried, you can now show off your nail art. You can later on use a different color combination to achieve a different look every time you are doing your nails.

Crackle nail polish photo


Tips for crackle nail polish

Here are some tips to ensure that you get the best out of crackle nail polish.

  • Ensure that the base coat is properly dried before applying the crackle nail polish. This will give better results.
  • Apply a thinner layer of the crackle nail polish. This will achieve smaller and clearer cracks that are more appealing.
  • Use solid crackle nail polish in the place of glittery or metallic ones. The solid colors have a durable lasting effect. Moreover, solid colors have a more visible cracking effect.
  • Remember, crackle nail polish should be applied in a single layer. Applying multiple coats will create a lumpy look that is unattractive and messy.
  • Keep you crackle nail polish tightly closed when not in use. Avoid leaving the bottle open for long when applying the polish. Crackle nail polish is quick drying.
  • Use two contrasting colors to attain a visible and attractive crackle effect. Ensure that the base color and the crackle color are complementary and highly contrasting to make the crack visible and more appealing.

Crackle Nail Polish Pool

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