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How to avoid irritation when removing hair

Updated on May 23, 2009

How to remove hair without irritation

First things first is to get your razor. I don't suggest cheap razors as you don't always get the best shave with them. I find that more irritation has occurred in dong so. I recommend a good brand with at least 3 blades like a gillette razor. Now most people use a shaving gel or cream. I personally use neither. I suppose you could use it but the way I'm going to tell you will defeat it's purpose.

Also, one thing to remember is to always shave with the grain of the hair, never against it if you are shaving genital areas. You will avoid more ingrown hairs that way. Also never shave dry or without the use of a moisterizer or cream/gel liquid of some sort. This also will lead to irritation because it is a very sensitive area. Also be careful when you using a brand new razor. Applying too much pressure can also cause irritation or worse, a cut.

The method I use and I find gets the closest shave without causing irritation or ingrown hairs is shaving under water. That's it. Just shave with the hair if you're shaving in the genital area. You can shave against the grain on legs. You will get the closest shave doing this. I have extremely sensitive skin and this has worked the best for me. Just use caution when shaving the genital area at all times.

Moving on to waxing. This is not something you want to do unless you know what you're doing. If you're not sure how to do it, I recommend going and getting done somewhere professional so you can get a good idea of what to do. Waxing incorrectly can not only be even more painful but will also give you a rash, ingrown hairs, and irritation bumps. You could also look for a video online if you do end up trying this.

Next we have laser hair removal. If you have high tolerance to pain and don't mind the sting of a million rubber bands, then you can probably handle this. Beauty sure hurts doesn't it? Laser hair removal is not permanent but can lower the hair count. You would have to repeatedly have to go back for lasering and even then it can still come back.

Sugaring is a great alternative if you're wanting your hair to become softer and grow back less at a natural and cheap price. This can be done at home and is actually better and less painful than traditional waxing. This is the way to go if you choose to wax. All you need is sugar, lemon juice, and water. Boil the mixture and then remove from heat till the water evaporates and it becomes a honey like consistency. You will also need talcen powder right before the waxing because it helps the sugar to not stick to the skin so much and also helps so you don't feel the heat as much.  You will need a denim strip which will absorb the mixture the best. Using a spatula, wooden stick, or butter knife, spread the sugar mixture up and down the skin in evenly, then placing the denim strip over it vertically, press and smooth over with your hand, then pulling the denim tight down while holding the skin with the other hand tightly, pull the strip towards yourself or against the hair growth. Do not pull up. Do it in one swift motion. Also make sure that you leave the end piece where you're pulling not attached to the skin. There must be a few inches of the denim hanging. It helps to watch a video. Apply aloe based lotion or gel to help close the pores. Do not shower for 24 hours or be exposed to sun after doing this since your skin is very sensitive at this time and you don't want to risk burning or irritation.

Good luck!


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    • profile image

      How To Remove Ingrown Hair 8 years ago

      Nice article, here is also another way on how to remove ingrown hair at home that worked for me that really helped me and is both painless and effective at removing unwanted hairs. Hope this helps, Warmly, Irina M

    • profile image

      charlie 8 years ago

      some good tips! I never thought about shaving under water. I will have to try that.