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How to buy a diamond ring online

Updated on July 18, 2010

Usually diamonds and diamond rings can be bought less expensively online. The prices are 30-50% (or even more) less expensive that of diamonds rings sold at retail stores. This convenience comes with a risk: in most cases you are unable to see the diamond you are buying before you buy it, and you can end up with a stone you don't like or it's not a real diamond.This article will explain how you should buy a diamond ring online.

Browse websites who sell diamond rings. Buy only from established websites that are around for a long time, and make sure that they have a return policy. If you buy from Amazon, check the sellers profile to see feedback from other clients. Contact the seller before you buy: the manner in which they answer and how fast they answer can give you a hint of how you'll be treated if you'll have a problem with your buy (for example if you want to return the ring).See if the website has a phone number and give them a call asking about the ring you want to buy. This will provide not only information about the diamond ring you want to buy but also about how professional they are.

Buy only a ring that has a certified diamond, preferably by GIA or AGL.If you buy a certified diamond you will be sure that what you buy is a genuine diamond.

Obtain your own independent appraisal after you buy the diamond ring. In this way, you will know for sure that you didn't pay too much for it, and you'll also have the appraisal for later, if you'll decide to resell it sometime.

 For your own peace of mind, you can test the diamond yourself. You will need a dual diamond tester, that can detect a diamond and also can make the difference between a diamond and a moissanite.

Consider buying a diamond ring with a fissure filled diamond if you have a pretty tight budget. Fissure filled diamonds or clarity enhanced diamonds are diamonds that are treated to increase their clarity with 2 or 3 grades (for example a I2 clarity diamond is treated to look like a SI2 diamond).If it's done professionally, the treatment can't be seen with the naked eye and you can buy a diamond with less money. There are companies that sell fissure filled diamonds online and can send the diamond you choose for you to see them before you decide to buy.


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    • diamonduk profile image

      diamonduk 7 years ago from UK

      i like cheap diamond rings for my wedding .

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    • profile image

      DiamondEngagementRings 7 years ago

      I'm glad you mentioned that there are risks to buying online. Buying online is not for everyone, but the pricetags at stores are sometimes not for everyone either. Good article, but I think buying from a reputable jeweler in your area should be the number one option.