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How to buy authentic Tom Ford sunglasses online

Updated on May 28, 2011

Tom Ford has become one of the hottest designers around today. The demand for his designs is high and his sunglasses are adorned by many celebrities and fashionistas alike. Whenever designer label becomes a hit however, the market is flooded with replicas of the original designs and it is difficult to know whether you are buying the genuine article or not.

If you are looking to purchase a pair of Tom Ford sunglasses online, here are a few suggestions to help make sure you are buy an authentic pair.

What should you be looking for?

Tom Ford - made in Italy
Tom Ford - made in Italy
Tom Ford model information
Tom Ford model information

Looking closely at a pair of genuine Tom Ford sunglasses, you will notice that there a number features that will help determine authenticity.

  • The inner side of the sunglass arms provide a whole host of information. On right side arm, the ‘Made in Italy’ sign is shown. (See photo)
  • On the left arm are the details of the model, its colour and the size of the glasses. If you take a look at the photo of the inner side of the arm, we can establish the following information about this particular Tom ford model.

Nicollete is the name of the model

TF88 is the model number.* If doing a search for a particular model the model number is written like this TF0088.

670 = colour of the model.

62 = width/diameter of the lens

11 = bridge width

125 = length of the arms

  • If the glasses have nose pads, then there should be a high quality ‘TF’ logo imprinted on each pad. Fake glasses may have the logo but is poor quality and often half worn off.
  • Another feature to watch for is an embedded metal ‘TOM FORD’ logo on the tip of each arm.
  • On most models, the logo ‘TOM FORD’ is etched on the sunglass lens in the top right-hand corner (left hand-corner whilst wearing). Fake Tom Ford glasses have only a printed logo on it.

Where are the sunglasses made?

Tom Ford sunglasses are manufactured under license by the Italian based Marcolin group. All Tom Ford sunglasses are produced in Italy and therefore as previously mentioned, each pair of Tom Ford sunglasses has the 'Made in Italy' sign printed on the inner arm along with 'CE' logo which shows that the sunglasses have been produced in accordance with European Safety standards.

What is supplied with authentic Tom Ford sunglasses?

Authentic Tom Ford sunglasses are ALWAYS supplied with a protective case. If a retailer is selling Tom Ford sunglasses with only a cloth pouch then it’s a sure bet that they are replicas. There are various types of cases supplied, depending on the collection and size of the sunglasses .

Inside the case should be a high quality, microfibre lens cleaning cloth embossed with the Tom Ford logo. Marcolin also provide a high quality, branded information booklet. Fake sunglasses may come with these items but they will be poor quality and easily recognisable.

Finally, Tom Ford sunglasses also come with a certificate of authenticity. It is printed on thick, high quality paper with the TOM FORD logo embedded in it in gold lettering.

Protect yourself when buying online

Whenever you buy online it is important to protect yourself. Always buy designer sunglasses from stores that clearly display contact details and a company registration number on their website . Genuine online retailers have to comply with certain rules, one of them is the obligation to have a refund policy that complies with distance selling laws. Make sure you read their delivery and returns, terms and conditions and privacy policies before you purchase.

Hope these tips help with your future purchase of Tom Ford sunglasses.

Happy shopping :)


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    • jeyaramd profile image

      jeyaramd 6 years ago from Mississauga, Ontario

      Tom Ford Sunglasses are awesome. I have a pair of Charles Tom Ford Sunglasses with a silver metal frame. I am glad to know that these sunglasses are sought after. They are great quality. Thanks for the heads up.

    • profile image

      John 6 years ago

      I purchased authentic Tom Ford sunglasses online. The site was called . The glasses were legit. and at a huge discount. 4 pairs

    • moonface profile image

      moonface 7 years ago

      Thanks Jeffrey, I'm now following you too..looking forward to reading your hubs! Have a great day :)

    • Jeffrey Tymczak profile image

      Jeffrey Tymczak 7 years ago from Amelia Island

      Thank You for the very informative hub! I loved it! I rated it up and started to follow you, hope to see you in my list of friends too! Great Job!!!