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Clark Shoes or boots for Comfort and Style

Updated on October 16, 2012

Shoes should not hurt your feet

I love shoes and always have. Today I happen to be on Amazon and saw that Heidi Klum now has a shoe-line. If you have ever watched Project Runway, She is always dressed in heels. I don't know how anyone does it without developing corns, calluses and or sore calf muscles from being in 5" heels.

I use to wear 3" heels but this was when i was in my twenties. Heidi has to be hitting 40 year of age? When I watch some of the shows on TV and the women are in heels, I often wonder,"How do they do it?" Their feet must ache at the end of taping. Oh, and not to mention how those heels can throw your back out of alignment causing you back pain.

The shoes I wear today are very fashionable. I think shoes today have changed in that companies design better looking and comfortable shoes. It use to be flat, shoes were ugly because old ladies wore them. Today 80% of shoes are disposable and can't be resoled at a cobbler. It seems most shoes are made of some man-made leather looking vinyl. If you are shopping at discount shoe stores like I do, you can be sure they will last a one season or less, depending on how you wear your shoes. The only shoes I see that have a leather sole anymore are shoes retailing for $200.00 plus. I won't mention names.

Alpha Girl Shoe Tips:

I worked in an Italian shoe boutique years ago and learned a lot about shoe craftsmanship and how they should fit. Women need to know that wearing the wrong shoe can throw your back out of alignment as well as create deformed feet.

Below are some things I use to tell buyers.

1. If the show doesn't feel right as soon as you put it on, don't buy it! You can't make a shoe comfortable. If it pinches now, it will pinch later.

2. If you find your toes scrunched, chances are it is narrow toe-box. Don't buy it.

3. If your heel slips out, don't buy it, you will no doubt get a blister from it rubbing because you can't keep the shoe on.

4. If there is a gap on the side of shoe, the shoe was not cut right at the factory and will always gap on the sides.

5. If you find the shoes do not have enough support, buying support arches to put under your arch is a temporary measure. You really need to move on and find another shoe.

6.Only leather shoes will age nicely around the foot and they breath like skin. If you tend to get sweaty, you will find man-made leather do not breath.

7. If you have to curl your toes to make the shoe fit, you will end up with hammertoes. Yes, it can look ugly.

A shoe should be snug, not tight, it should feel almost like a slipper.

Italian Leather shoes

I love shoes, especially italian leather shoes. In 1984 I went to Italy as a graduation from college. I had the best time. I ate the best food. I also came home with a suitcase full of shoes. The shoes were soft leather, well made and just perfect for a cobbler to resole. Today, when I shop, I try my darnest to find shoes that have leather soles. They in my opinion have better workmanship than the junky shoes made of vinyl. The mold to you foot. They breath too! Leather is skin, vinyl causes your foot to sweat. Best of all when you resole them, they look brand new. Vinyl/polyester shoes scuff and tear. They will melt if someone drops or flings a cigarette butt on your shoe too.

Leather shoes of great quality will cost $200.00 retail and more. You have to watch for places like TJ Maxx to get a shipment in. It is hit or miss. Nordstroms usually has a some great sales. When you get them on sale they are usually about $99.00. To me that is a bargain considering they will outlast those $75.00 vinyls. You can resole most shoes for $25.00.

No Vinyl please!

The new norm for shoe designers are shoes made out of CHEAP Vinyl and Rubber. This past fall & Christmas I went shopping for shoes and could not find a descent pair of shoes for under 100.00. My idea of a great shoe is all leather upper and bottom. Nowadays all you can find under a $100.00 is vinyl and rubber soles. The quality of workmanship is horrendous. To me shoes look like they are glued together. The soles are so thin, the balls of your feet would burn. I must have tried on at least 20 pairs of shoes in a variety of stores and was sorely disappointed. Shoes that cost $125.00 include leather uppers.

Most shoes I tried on were not comfortable. You have to know that the only material that breaths is leather. I personally love the way leather molds to your foot. I love the fact that my feet breath. Vinyl shoes make your feet sweat more.

Aftyer shopping for 2.5 months I found a boot b y Clarks. I would have never thought of Clarks as a shoe I would wear. I never thought they were fashionable. It was pure accident that I found boots at Clarks. I went in the store with my husband who was looking for shoes. I ended up getting a pair of shoe-boots by Clarks called Marscapone. The upper is leather, it has a sturdy heel and I can resole them. The bottoms are man-made. I chose these because of comfort. The toe box is not super pointy, so your toes can wiggle. The heel is about 2 inches and I can stand in them with out foot pain. They look greta with flare, boot or dressier pants. I can wear them with tights and a long skirt. You can dress them up or down.

Comfortable boot for flare, boot-cut or dressy pants

Clarks Women's Mascarpone Cafe Boot,Black Leather,10 M US
Clarks Women's Mascarpone Cafe Boot,Black Leather,10 M US

Super comfortable. Leather Upper. Worth the money.


Some of my Favorite Shoe Stores

I used to shop DSW in my area. This was when they had great leather shoes and a great selection. The larger department stores seems to carry more vinyl shoes than i would want on my foot. It is hit or miss with finding a great shoe anymore. I have a budget to meet and if I had my druthers I would buy any shoe made by Donald Pliner and Vanelli. Jimmy Choo is just a lofty dream. I no longer have a shoe loyalty to any store. It now depends on quality, cost, material which must be leather, style & comfort. Is that too much for a girl to ask for?


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    • Ilona1 profile image


      5 years ago from Ohio

      These are my favorite brand of sandal, shoe, and boot. I love Clarks.

    • profile image

      narrow feet 

      6 years ago

      I have very narrow, long and flat feet. They swim in most sandals. On top of that I suffer from hyperhidrosis so I need to wear very breathable shoes. do you have any advise regarding the brands that could be suitable for me for both summer and winter shoes and what to wear with dresses?

    • alphagirl profile imageAUTHOR


      6 years ago from USA

      Sounds like you need to see a podiatrist to get adjusted in the toes. Please go to a shoe store that sells shoes specific for problem feet. They carry a better line of shoes made for walking and standing. Shoes today are very stylish. Be prepared to pay more. Please buy leather. Leather breathes and forms to the foot. I would stay away from pointy shoes. Good luck.

    • profile image

      Ron Moore 

      6 years ago

      When I lay down my toes curl up, but when I stand or walk my toes are flat, now shoes are designed with curled up toes, like Elves shoes. Why? It looks goofy. Where can I buy classic, classy real shoes?

    • alphagirl profile imageAUTHOR


      7 years ago from USA

      Narrow feet have the hardest time finding shoes because more people have wide feet.With a very high arch you have to find shoes shorter in the toe box. Usually high heels feel best on people with high arches. My girls have narrow feet and so I know from experience, shoes fall off narrow feet. Ties shoes provide better support. Clogs are unsuitable. You will swim in them. It is unfortunate but true, those $200.00 jimmy Choos I bet would fit your feet. Ouch the price tag.

    • Nell Rose profile image

      Nell Rose 

      7 years ago from England

      Hi, great advice! I have always had shoes that hurt my feet, my feet are very narrow and have a very arched underfoot, so it is difficult for me to buy shoes that fit, thanks nell

    • alphagirl profile imageAUTHOR


      7 years ago from USA

      Thx Phil for stopping by. Glad you found it helpful for men too!

    • Phil Plasma profile image

      Phil Plasma 

      7 years ago from Montreal, Quebec

      Great advice - most of your tips would apply to men buying shoes also. Voted up and useful.


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