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How to care for your authentic Sport Jersey

Updated on March 17, 2016

There is no doubt that every true fan would have an authentic jersey of his favorite team. Some have a lot of them. As a fan, I am of the opinion that the most important factor to consider about jerseys is how to maintain them in their original shape for as long as possible. This article discusses great tips in prolonging the great look of your authentic jersey.

1. Turn Jerseys inside out before putting them into the washer:
One of the reasons why jerseys have to be discarded is that the numbers and lettering gets washed away. Although the fabrics that jerseys are made of are easy to wash, the numbers and letterings on them have to be treated carefully so that the abrasions that is caused by the washing machine does not remove them untimely. The only way to avoid this scenario is by turning them inside out before putting them into the washer.

2. Wash off stains as soon as possible:
The most common stains on a jersey is beer. Others include beverages and food stains. One of the ways to ensure that your jersey lasts long is by washing off stains the same day it appears on the jersey. This would ensure that the stains don't become difficult to remove. The tougher the stain, the tougher the effort needed to remove it. Applying pressure when washing your jersey would make its color fade quickly.

3. Do not wash jersey with jeans:
It is common for people to wear jeans when they wear jerseys and most people make the mistake of dumping them together in the washer. This is one sure way to destroy your jersey quickly. Jeans have special dyes that could be removed from the jeans and discolor your jersey. Once your jersey is discolored, you have no option than to change it immediately. If you want to make your jerseys last longer, don't wash them alongside your jeans.

4. Separate white jerseys from other colors when washing:
White jerseys can be washed together, however do not make the mistake of washing them alongside other colors. The most fatal mistake you can make is to wash a white jersey with a black one. The reason why it is necessary to separate white colored jerseys from others when washing is that the detergent or soap you are using may be so strong that it would bleach your jersey colors. If you are washing a black jersey alongside a white jersey, a color bleach may make it impossible for you to use your white jersey again. You can however wash non-white jerseys simultaneously.

5. Use all purpose laundry detergents:
All purpose laundry detergents are mild detergents. They don't contain bleaching chemicals. One of the common mistakes people make when caring for jerseys is using bleaching detergents. Most people do not even know the difference. As a sport fan, it is essential that you pay attention to the type of detergents you use when washing your jerseys otherwise you stand the chance of bleaching off its colors during the first wash.

6. Dry jersey immediately after washing:
Do not leave your jersey to stay too long in soapy water, this will make the colors bleach no matter how mild the detergent is. After washing your jersey, always remember to rinse away the soap. Dry your jerseys immediately after washing.


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