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How to choose best power toothbrush easily?

Updated on May 20, 2016

Trying to find out best power toothbrush? Then you need to know what characteristics/criteria you need to look for are. But the first question should be what types of power toothbrushes are there and which one should be chosen?

So, type of toothbrushes—there is two kinds of toothbrushes. One is normal power electric toothbrush, and the other is the sonic electric toothbrush. The basic difference between these two types of the toothbrush is that the latter variety has a higher rate of brush strokes and some advanced features that are useful. Price is also higher for the sonic electric toothbrush.

Regular power toothbrush produces 3000 to 7500 brush strokes per minute where sonic power toothbrush produces 30000 to 40000 brush strokes per minute.

Some features like pressure sensor, a timer for change brushing location, advanced floss action, a wireless remote display unit, deep cleaning mode, UV sanitizer safeguard, etc. is available in sonic power toothbrush. So the price of sonic power toothbrush ranges from $100 to $190 where standard power toothbrush power ranges from $15 to $100.

Among the two types of the power toothbrush, sonic power toothbrush is the best power toothbrush. The following key factors will help you choosing best power toothbrush for you.

Power levels:

The more power level a toothbrush has, the more effective it can brush. As there are options for choosing power level, it’s easy to fit different individuals with different power level requirements. When a person using power toothbrush is new, needs to consider to start with lower power level.

Brushstroke speed:

Obviously, the higher brush strokes are helpful. In this case also, a new user should start with a lower level of brush strokes because it needs time to be acquainted with a sense of vibration.

Brush head:

There are smaller and bigger brush heads available for pulsating and rotary activity. Some heads have both capabilities. Some brush heads have other different functions also like whitening, flossing, sensitive teeth and braces. Brush heads needed to be changed every 2-3 months. Choose what you need.

Size of electric toothbrush:

Size should be chosen according to user requirement. It may vary according to age and according to the size of the oral cavity. For the frequent traveler, size can be another factor for choosing a power toothbrush.

Warranties and guarantees:

Choose the power toothbrush with the minimum warranty of minimum 12 months. Some toothbrush has a money back guarantee. This feature is useful for newer user who may change the brush if it doesn’t suit him.

Battery life:

Best power toothbrush has long battery life. Rechargeable batteries are the better option. So, a rechargeable toothbrush is the best power toothbrush. Remember to choose the toothbrush that has battery life indicators.

Inbuilt timer:

Power toothbrushes have an in-built timer that reminds the user that 2 minutes have passed. These brushes also have quadrant timer that ensures brushing off every quadrant for 30 seconds.

Pressure sensor:

Many people brush too hard which is harmful to their teeth and gums. Here these electric toothbrushes come to help them. The pressure sensor senses hard pressure and gives alarm. Choose these brushes.

UV sanitizer:

It is a very useful function. After brushing, when kept in the bathroom, this feature helps to kill existing bacteria on the toothbrush head.

Best power toothbrush is costly. But if you consider the benefit of using sonic power toothbrush, you’ll understand that it worth the price. Again, a sonic power toothbrush lasts almost 2-3 years. So actually the price is not much. You should ignore price to be a primary factor as electric power toothbrush takes better care of teeth and gum. Don’t choose lower priced toothbrush. It’ll save you money, but it may not ensure good oral health. Choose the best power toothbrush for you following this guide.


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