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How to choose the best tanning lotion

Updated on April 13, 2011

Choosing tanning lotion

So, you decided to get nice tan on your skin and want to use tanning products to enhance your tan quality, look and hold. Tanning lotions are used before using the tanning bed in the salon, or even before taking off to the beach to get a conventional sun tan.These products are really helping in keeping your skin moistured before, during and after the tanning procedure.

There are several creteria you might consider when choosing this tanning product.

First of all to choose the best tanning lotion for yourself you need to try several products in several price ranges. It is a important to try a few products before sticking with one- the best one for you, your skin type and your wallet.


  1. Search and preliminary selection.

You need to choose 4-7 products that you want to try. You can ask your friends about w hat types of tanning products they ever used and how good they worked for them. Search the web for some of your peers advice and ratings of certain tanning lotions.Don’t forget to check your favorite cosmetics brand site if they have any tanning products line, as you
already trust them with your other beauty needs.

  1. Choose 3-4 products and buy them to actually try over some period of time for yourself.

After talking to your friends and checking out several websites for ratings, choose 3-4 preferably in different price range to buy and try out. You can choose all of your products and buy them from some online store like Amazon or Ebay. The advantage of doing it – all of the products will arrive at almost the same time.

3. Try them!

Try each product twice to see how the product is keeping the color of the tan and what the shade that you are getting is. Notice how good, or how bad your skin react to the product. Observe if there is any thing in particular you like or dislike about this brand of
tanning lotion-a particular smell or skin smoothing effect. The whole experiment will probably last month or so, but at the end you will definitely figure out the best tanning lotion for yourself.

On the right side you can see some of the lotions that I consider the best!I love the Swedish Beauty Amaretto Indoor Tanning Lotion! Just for its smell and the shimmer it gives my skin after the bed tanning. but Again you need to go through selection process for your self and choose your one best tanning lotion product.


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