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How to choose what colour to wear

Updated on September 14, 2012

Make your day a bright one

When deciding what to wear, you will need to work out a colour scheme, if you have an eye for clothes and what matches then you will look fabulous. If like me you don't really know what matches then you are in for a challenge.

First you should choose your main colour. This will set your mood for the day. Each colour will give you a mood:

Black and Navy Blue convey power and authority

Pastel colours will convey a relaxed and friendly person

Red conveys mixed messages but it can convey a lively fun person

Pink conveys a loving person

White conveys purity and a fresh outlook on life

Yellow conveys warmth and care

Orange conveys someone with a lot of energy

Get to know your season;

If you are brunette with pale skin go for deep rich colours

Spring clothes will suit a pale blonde haired person

Once you know what will suit you you will also need to be able to mix your colours together to create a great outfit and also a good mood for yourself for the day.

An App to help you choose your clothes

There is an app that can help you with your Color advice which can be used on OS, Android, Symbian, Bada, Windows Phone and Iphone. You take a picture of your clothing and it will give you color advice on which colors will go with the main one you have chosen. I am really challenged in this area and its a lifesaver for me, so I know what I wear the colors will complement each other. Its called Color Advice fron UniqAppz and is one of the best apps I have bought.

How to use a color wheel to choose your makeup and fashion


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