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Safely Clean Diamonds & All Jewelry

Updated on May 30, 2013
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The key to cleaning is to use safe cleaners

The Best Advice

The most important rule of cleaning jewelry is to pretend you are a medical student who has just learned one of the principal precepts of the profession- “Primum non nocere“. That’s a Latin phrase that means “First, not to harm.”

Your jewelry has great monetary and sentimental value, so it’s better to do nothing to it than to try to clean it using dangerous cleaners like ammonia or abrasives like toothpaste.

Windex and similar products are likely to harm your valuables because they contain ammonia. The reformulated Windex that does not have ammonia, does have acetic acid (commonly known as ’vinegar’)

Rings, bracelets and chains all will benefit from a bath. Soak in a solution of warm water and a dish detergent such as Ivory or Joy. Leave the items in the soak for a half hour. After removing your ring from its bath, take a brand new toothbrush and scrub the outside, then do the underside where soaps, lotions, oils and such combine to form a dulling film. Chains and bracelets can also be brushed. Use care on delicate parts.

A great All Natural: cleaner-Clear Bright n Shiny

Clear Bright and Shiny works great in ultra sonic cleaners

Some Suggestions on Commercial Cleaners

Commercial cleaners can do a professional job of making your jewels shine just as if they were back in the showcase. But the cleaner should be all natural to conform to the ‘Primum non nocere rule‘.

Clear Bright n Shiny is an example of a natural cleaner that is both safe and effective.

It has no ammonia, no acid, no alcohol, and no abrasive of any kind and yet just a thirty second soak followed by a quick brushing will yield incredible results. Clear Bright n Shiny increases the brilliance of a diamond by up to 30 per cent.

Clear Bright n Shiny can be sprayed on or can be used as a soak. Spraying is quick, easy and efficient…but a soak will produce more complete results.

The soak will work in less than a minute but heavily soiled items can be left in the solution for as long as needed. If you forgot and left a ring in the bath for a week….the only thing that will happen to the ring is - it will get cleaned! Because it is all natural and contains no harsh chemicals the ring will be rejuvenated but never harmed.

For the softer gems such as pearls and opals, use the soak for thirty or forty seconds, but DO NOT use the brush on the stones. Brush the gold, but gently use your finger to clean the surface of the gem.

When you have finished cleaning your jewelry, do not throw away the soak. There will still be plenty of cleaning power in it. Simply transfer it to a covered container - such as a Tupperware dish - and use it again and again.

Clear Bright n Shiny also works perfectly in ultra sonic cleaners - which do a wonderful cleaning job. Use caution where worn and delicate parts are concerned. Stones can be shaken loose and prongs can be broken.

Multi Purpose Cleaner

Clear Bright n Shiny is a multi purpose cleaner. In addition to being the finest jewelry polish, it is also an eyeglass cleaner. It cleans glasses to a spotless clarity and keeps them clean longer, because it puts down an anti-fog, and an anti-smear, as well as an anti-static. Eyeglasses won’t fog up and are resistant to fingerprints and smudges.

Bathroom mirrors sprayed with Clear Bright n Shiny, won’t fog up even after a long, hot shower.

Clear Bright n Shiny will be back on Cape Cod at Dick & Ellie's Flea Market in South Dennis, Cape Cod, in May. To see this great cleaner in action, check out our video made at one of the BJ's in Rhode Island.

The video was produced by the Boston firm, Buzzflix Media. For the very best in video production visit them at


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