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How to create perfect Smokey eyes for blue and green eyes?

Updated on June 25, 2015

Smoky Eyes


How to create perfect Smokey eyes for blue and green eyes

Eyes are arguably the most attractive feature of human body. They are one of the first things that people will notice about you when you first draw each other’s attention. You naturally want to make your eyes look as beautiful as possible.

If you have blue eyes or green eyes, then you’re in luck—these eye colors are rare, unique, and will make you stand out. Light-colored eyes give you even more of an excuse to want to show off this attractive feature, and you’ll want to emphasize them—especially when you’re planning a special night out. One great way to do this is by making ‘smoky eyes’. Smoky eye make-up gives your eyes a deep, smoldering, exotic look to them. When doing a smoky eye make-up job for blue or green eyes, choose the colors to complement your eyes, without overwhelming them.


Things To Know For the Smoky Eye Look

Smoky eyes

Smoky eyes have been a big and attractive style for quite a long time, and the style does not seem to be a fad— it does not going anywhere! Done right, it can really make a woman look exotic and sophisticated. Giving yourself smoky eyes is really an art form worth practicing—with skill you will even amaze yourself at what you’re able to accomplish with an applicator brush.

Color selection plays an important role in making perfect smoky eyes. Use a combination of soft gold with deep purple, or champagne base with dark blue, or a peach base with a deep green. Make sure to pick colors that really make your natural color pop.

After choosing colors, you have to get down the technique.

There are some important things you need to remember when making smoking eyes. First important thing for perfect Smoky eyes is the proper blending of colors. You have to make sure that colors are blended together perfectly to achieve the dramatic look, without looking like you colored on your face with crayons.

It is also very important to combine light colors with rich dark colors to give the right contrast and variations—these give your eyes the highlights and contours that make them look attractive.


Here Are the Steps to Create Smoky Eyes

  1. Start with the foundation for smoky eyes to give them a clean, smooth surface that the powders will adhere to well. This will help anything you are going to apply to on evenly and blend well. If you have circles under your eyes that need coloring, take care of that with concealer as well.
  2. Line your eyes with a dark eye liner pencil. Near the inner corner of the eye, make the line thinner and have it gradually get thicker as it follows the lash line. Extend it very slightly out and up past the outer corners of the eyes.
  3. Apply a base color, which should be the lightest color you are working with. Apply it right below the brow bone.
  4. Apply the medium color shade above the crease, so that it starts in the crease and goes slightly above. Again letting it get thicker as it goes from the inner corner to the outer.
  5. Apply your darkest color to the eye lid. Also again, draw it out slightly at the outer edges.
  6. You can use a cotton swab to smudge and blend the eyeliner liner into the shadow. You can also apply a little color and attempt a little smudging below your lower lashes. Don’t smear it- just make the liner a little blurry so it’s not as sharp and doesn't look drawn.
  7. Now use a brush or applicator to blend the colors where the lines meet, so they look like the color changes are more blurred and gradual. Don’t over-blend, or you’ll end up with one big blotch of dark color over your whole eye—you don’t want that. Just blend the shades where they meet until there is no distinct line that differentiates them.
  8. At the end, you can give finishing touch to it by applying mascara, which will make your eyes bigger and attractive.


Helpful Products

Here is a list of different products which you might find useful for creating Smoky eyes.

· Benefit Brow Zings in dark

· Too Faced Shadow Insurance

· NARS night fever eye shadow

· MUFE 12 color flash color palette (black)

· MAC #213 brush

· BE red velvet cake mineral eye shadow

· Stila #9 crease brush

· Laura Merier Ponytail crease brush

· Urban Decay 24/7 eye pencil in zero

· MAC yogurt eye shadow

· Sephora Brand flutter half lashes

· BE buxom mascara

Smokey Eye Tutorial for Green Eyes

How to Get Smokey Eyes: Best Colors For Blue Eyes


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