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How to Deal with Acne and Other Problem Skin

Updated on April 14, 2015
I remember when my face looked like this.
I remember when my face looked like this. | Source


We've all dealt with this, and some of us still do, right into adulthood. In this hub, I'll pass on my personal experience with combating acne, spots and other disgusting facial manifestations.

Just like my article on hair, you will often see products that people claim can clean up your face by using a face wash, a toner and other products. I'm a skeptic and I also believe from personal experience that using all these products yields little results and costs a hell of a lot.

I've tried masks, lotions, creams, pills and just about every product from a pharmacy or prescribed by a doctor. Very few of them actually made any difference on their own or even with a combined effort. I've also heard some people go on about roaccutane. Not only does it cost a packet, but I spoke to someone who heard or read some rumour that it could cause brain damage. I asked my own doctor about this, but of course, as we all know, they aren't likely to tell you something like that or risk putting a company out of business and damaging their ties with them too.

What really matters is your diet as well as other things.

• You need to drink a lot of water, as it purifies the blood stream and rids the body of toxins. Some doctors will have you believe that you need two litres of water a day, but this has been debated for a while now. If you are a very active person and are constantly losing salts because of perspiration, then a lot of water is recommended. A good way to tell if you need more water is usually, as disgusting as it sounds, to take a look at your urine. If it's dark, you need more, if it's light, you're all right.

• If you do sweat a lot, make sure to wash your face often as sweat can also clog up the pores and cause problems. In fact you should at least wash your face at night, and have regular showers or baths because if you don't, it won't just be spots on your face you'll have to worry about.

• When you wash your face, just use soap and perhaps a mild face wash, and really massage the skin. Be careful of masks and peels as I've suffered from some allergic reactions. If you do use them, don't get it near your eyes. I personally don't use them anymore.

• Eating a lot of sugar does the reverse when it comes to acne and spots. Even though there is supposedly no "scientific proof" that sugar consumption has a direct link with problem skin, I can tell you that when I cut back on my sugar intake, it certainly made a difference.

• Eat your fruit and vegetables. These also obviously contain many vitamins and such and of course it's best to eat it raw rather than cooked as all the nutrients are lost and end up in the water.


• Hair, skin and nails are related just like ears, noses and throats, or so I've learned. Some of these products contain vitamins that are good for your skin as well the other two. I've heard that vitamin B is good for your skin.

• Don't pick spots! This causes bacteria to spread and it just causes more spots. If you do pick one, use some aftershave on the area. The stinging sensation means it's doing a few things. Firstly, aftershave contains alcohol, and alcohol is often used as a means of sterilization. Secondly, it stops the bleeding from getting out of control, and thirdly, it hurts like hell, and will teach you not to pick them in the first place!

Of course you can try some products from the store, but make sure it has a guarantee of some sorts. I find that like with eating, you need to combine products with some good habits.

I find it funny when people take these slimming pills and shakes and expect to lose weight overnight, but it clearly states that for maximum effect, you must combine it with a low calorie diet. All things require a little effort from us at the very least and will not magically make us into slim, healthy, fit and spot free people.

Try natural methods first and save yourself money and time. I have read a book called "Food is better medicine than drugs" by Patrick Holford, and he goes into how a lot of things can be avoided just by eating properly, including acne and spots.

These tips above will cost you very little and will also require little effort to ensure that you have clean, clear skin.

"The Earth has a skin and that skin has diseases, one of its diseases is called man."

— Friedrich Nietzsche

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