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How to get a great Brazilian Wax

Updated on January 13, 2009

Before the Brazilian Wax

Before getting the Brazilian wax, CALL AROUND. Don't just walk into a random salon, waxing studio, or spa. Interview the person who is actually going to be seeing your private area and removing hair by the roots. If they are NOT experienced, the service provider could injure you by taking off skin, burning you with hot wax, or worse. REMEMBER, you are paying them for this service, so it is like a job interview.


1. How long have you been providing Brazilian wax as a service?

2. How were you trained? Were you trained watching a video or watching a trainer perform it on someone else? Did you practice on several people before you started taking paying clients?

3. What kind of wax do you use?

For best results, the service provider should be using hard wax. Hard wax is specifically designed for brazilian wax. This type of wax bonds to coarse, thick hair and does NOT BOND TO SKIN. Therefore, there is no chance of skin lifting. With soft wax using strips, there is always a chance of skin lifting. Anyone telling you,"this is normal" is not educated in waxing. With regular waxing, the hair will become softer, lighter, and the growth will become sparse, usually located on the front side. This is when soft wax may be used because now the hard wax will not bond to thinner hair. The hair that grows in the inner parts will ALWAYS be removed with hard wax so the thin skin will not be damaged.

DON'T BE SCARED!!! All of this is educate you in selecting an experienced service provider. With regular waxing, the results are simply AMAZING!! You cannot compare it to shaving!


Hair should be no less than a quarter inch and no more than 1/2 inch. The longer the hair, the more painful, time consuming, and expensive it will be.

Avoid taking aspirin before the service. If you have low pain tolerance, try taking a non-aspirin pain reliever. Aspirin in an anti-coagulant .

Schedule the appointment for AFTER your period. Due to hormonal fluctuations, sensitivity to pain is higher right before and during menstruation.

Avoid hot baths/showers /tanning beds/body scrubs and shower gels/soap/ lotion that contains fragrance for 48 hours.

Best wishes to you all!!


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    • profile image

      no way 6 years ago

      1 word: veet

    • profile image

      Brenda 8 years ago

      Christy is the best. Professional, courteous, and thorough, she makes what could be an awkward experience very comfortable. I decided to try a Brazilian wax because I was tired of razor burn and ingrown hairs from shaving. I was a little apprehensive, but Christy completely explained what I should expect and eased my anxiety. If I'd known how great the results would be, I would have done it sooner! Love it!