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How to Get Rid of Spots Quickly

Updated on February 20, 2011

So you have an important event coming up, it could be a first date, a job interview or a photo shoot. It's typical that only now does this monster of a spot appears on your face and you need to know how to get rid of spots quickly.

Well, yes it is possible to shrink a spot and make it look so small and insignificant that nobody will notice it. Just follow these steps:

  1. Was your hands! Seriously, greasy or dirty hands are a no-no when it comes to touching your face. Use normal soap on your hands as it will dissolve the thin layer of grease the dirt clings to.
  2. Wash your face gently with a specialist liquid such as Clearasil, avoid soaps as they dry out delicate facial skin. Avoid using a facial cloth or aggressive towelling which is rarely needed on a face.
  3. Put some crushed ice in a CLEAN sandwich "zip up" type bag and wrap it in a CLEAN thin towel. It must be thin and clean.
  4. Press the towel that contains the ice against your face where the spot is located and hold for 8-12 minutes. Avoid popping the spot as it will just ooze puss everywhere and will become more red and infected.
  5. After using the ice you must apply a cream based acne solution to the face and then wash off. I prefer Clean and Clear by Johnson and Johnson but the products available to you will depend on where you live in the world.
  6. It's time to apply Clearasil (or similar) cream to your face and leave it on.
  7. Repeat the above process every 3 hours. If you have a meeting or important event tomorrow then do this twice before you go to bed and then twice on the morning if you have time.

If you follow the advice above you should see a noticeable reduction in the size and appearance of the spot. It should now be less inflamed and overall much less noticeable.


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Where most people go wrong

Spots can affect anyone at any age, I remember that I suffered terribly on my back and also on my face in the "T" zone during my teens and early twenties. I still get the occasional outbreak where this method comes in handy but it doesn't happen as often.

The "T" is the area of your face that includes across your forehead down your nose and onto the area around your mouth. It is a well known area for getting spots and is also an area that we constantly touch or rub with our hands making the spots worse. How many times do you rub the outside of your nose? Or touch your forehead?

Here are some general tips to prevent spots:

  1. Avoid popping spots as it will make the situation worse. If you must then do it then first cover your face with an antiseptic facial cream so you can nuke any bacteria before it infects the whole area.
  2. Popping spots doesn't just cause another outbreak because of the puss and bacteria on the surface of the skin. The action of squeezing a spot actually pushes the bacteria deeper into the skin causing another spot later or it pushes it side ways - the end result being more spots that are deeper in the skin and therefore more entrenched and difficult to remove.
  3. If you must pop that spot then push the bacteria out rather than inwards by gripping the skin a good inch either side of the spot and squeezing gently.
  4. Avoid picking at or popping spots directly after a bath or shower. Your pores will open when they are warm and your skin can easily become infected by the oily liquid and bacteria released from spot popping.
  5. Avoid touching your face in general, this is a habit that many people find difficult to break but it will help as facial skin is so sensitive and easy to irritate.
  6. Avoid the "crash and burn" of popping multiple spots after a bath and covering the open wounds with gels or liquids that dry out the skin causing irritation, redness and skin cracks which lead to (yes you guessed it) more spot outbreaks.Spot creams are designed to be absorbed through the skin, there is no need to create an open wound.
  7. Improve your diet by cutting out fatty and oily foodstuffs and increasing the long term intake of water and fruit/vegetables.

I hope you found my tips on how to get rid of spots useful. It has always worked for me and was a well known method during my younger days.


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