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Acne Care - Acne Free Diet and More

Updated on October 14, 2014
Image courtesy of David Castillo Dominici /
Image courtesy of David Castillo Dominici /


Pimples, zits, white heads, black heads; we all get them and we all wish we didn't. Following a consistent acne care plan that works for your specific skin type and acne type will have your skin looking youthful, glowing and beautiful. Read on to find out more.

Cleansing and Cleanser Types

The biggest and best step to having beautiful clear skin is cleansing regularly. It is recommended by most dermatologists that you cleanse your face twice daily. Once in the morning to slough off dead skin cells shed in the night, and again before bed after removing any makeup you might have worn. There are dozens, possibly hundreds of cleansers available to you at drug stores and high end skin care companies. Look for one that suites all of your needs best but be sure to read through and understand the ingredients. I once read the ingredients of a cleanser I had been using only to find out the exfoliate used was actually plastic! Yikes! You're cleanser should not have harsh chemicals but if you have acne you want to use a cleanser that contains either Salicylic acid or benzoyl peroxide. You may have to try both chemicals separately to see which works best for your acne type. Using a stronger cleanser at night and a more gentle one in the morning is also an option if you have negative reactions to the acne medications. As always, if you develop severe or unusual symptoms stop use of the product and contact your physician.


When using an acne medication on a regular basis you may experience skin drying within your first few weeks of use. Even if you have only or normal skin it is still recommended you use a daily moisturizer. Moisturizer is another product you may want to opt for using two different formulas for day and night; especially if you are someone who wears makeup during the day. Use a lighter formula during the day and be sure it includes an SPF to protect form sun damage. At night, a thicker formula formulated for night use will give your skin the best benefits. Again, be sure to read the ingredients and look up any you don't recognize. Some of the best brands are those recommended by dermatologist; however do not confuse this by products labeled "dermatologist tested" as this just proves it has been tested and may not be recommended at all.

Image courtesy of africa /
Image courtesy of africa /

Make Up and Removing It

If you are someone who uses make up on a regular basis than you probably know the potential damage it can do to your skin. At the end of the day your makeup has definitely sank into your pores clogging them and causing acne. Always try only one new make up product at a time to know how your skin will react to it. If you do notice a negative change in your skin, stop use immediately as it may actually be an allergic reaction to the product. To give your skin and pores more protection, always use a good moisturizer and foundation primer before applying any other makeup to your skin. Those of us who are make up wearers know how easy it is to fall asleep after a long day without removing the makeup and properly washing our face first. This is a big detriment to our goal of healthy skin. Keeping make up remover wipes handy is a great way to avoid this. Some of my favorite brands are Neutrogena, Simple and Yes to Cucumbers. This will at least help get the layer of makeup off and allow skin to breath through the night even if you aren't able to go through with a cleansing and hydrating routine. Other options to remove makeup at night that are a bit more luxurious are products like Bioderma and cleansing waters.


Your skin should be exfoliated one to two times per week and there are dozens of cleansers and tools that help with this. You can use an exfoliating cleanser (again be sure to check the ingredients so you don't end up scrubbing your face with plastic like I did) some of my favorites are the Mary Kay brand and St. Ives. You can also purchase exfoliate spin brushes like the Clarisonic that can be used with your favorite daily cleanser. If not using a spin brush your fingers or a wash cloth will work perfectly. Exfoliating when using a new acne treatment is crucial because you will probably begin to develop new layers of skin quicker. It also helps to unclog pores and allows acne medication to penetrate deeper.

Image courtesy of photoexplorer /
Image courtesy of photoexplorer /

Diet & Exercise

What you put in your body can effect the outside of your body, including your skin. It's important to eat healthy and exercise regularly to maintain an anti acne diet. . Although chocolate being linked to acne is a partial myth, it is proven that if you eat a high amount of sugars, fats or fried and greasy foods you will see an increase of acne. This acne may come in the form of clogged pores or rashes that are misconceived as acne. Acne free diets include avoiding dairy and opting for dairy alternatives like almond milk and egg substitutes.

Regardless of the routes you take to achieving healthy skin remember that consistency is key. The more consistent you are with using your products and focusing on your skin the better it will look. Checking your products ingredients and paying attention to the reaction of your skin to products is the best way to achieve your ideal perfect complexion.

Skin Care Routine & Product Reviews


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