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I Wished I Had Straight Hair - Not Anymore!

Updated on June 2, 2014
I don't like my curly hair!
I don't like my curly hair!

Scroll to the bottom of this hub to discover 10 Curly Hair Maintenance and Styling Tips!

When I was younger, I used to absolutely hate my curly hair. I wanted straight hair so badly, like all the other girls around me. Various kids used to make fun of my hair, throw pieces of paper in it, whisper behind my back in class, and call my hair “poofy”. My parents would insist that I had the greatest hair in the world, that it was so beautiful and I should be grateful for it. I would not listen to them. Instead, I tried things like flattening back my hair with a brush and loads of hair gel, cutting my hair in the front when I wanted straight bangs one year and didn’t realize my curly hair would just bounce up and end up looking like a ridiculously short stub of hair, and just plain not liking how poofy and untamed my curls would get.

Keratin, schmeratin

These days, I think very differently about my curly hair. I absolutely love it! That is, until I tried a Keratin treatment last year, because I was told it would take away the frizz in my hair, and I would still be able to wear it curly, but also sleek and straight if I wanted. So I thought, sure, why not? The stylist ended up straightening my hair at the end of the treatment, and it looked shiny, sexy and straight. However, the treatment ruining the texture of my curls ultimately, to a point where I never thought my hair would be the same again!

I started to wear my hair in a braid or a bun every day, because my tresses were so terribly sad – limp, lifeless, dry, and barely curly. I thought I had lost my curls forever, and just when I was starting to love them finally! How sad was I…until….

The go-to bun
The go-to bun
Owwww, stop pulling my hair out!!
Owwww, stop pulling my hair out!!

Very bad hair, baaadddd

I was on vacation and went to the hotel salon to get my hair done in an elegant style for a nice evening dinner, because I did not want to wear it in my usual braid or bun (for obvious reasons). I thought, 'Hey, the salon can magically turn my dry, limp, sad mess into beautiful, flowing, glossy tresses – right?' No, instead, the stylist started combing through my dry, terribly knotty hair – more like yanking the comb through my hair until I was almost crying (or screaming) aloud from the pain it was causing my scalp to endure – and stated, with a thick accent, “Your hair very dry. Why so dry? So bad, veeeery bad…” and so on, and so forth. ‘Really?’, I thought, inside my head, ‘No, really? I did not realize all this time how terribly lame my hair is these days, thanks for letting me know!’ However, aloud, I said, in my too-nice-to-put-someone-in-their-place kind of way, “I know, I am trying to do something about it…but...”, to which she harshly replied, “Yea, you do something now. Right now! Very bad hair, baaadddd!”, with a look of disapproval on her face that I could see in the mirror. Yea, thanks for the feedback salon lady!

Time to do something about those tresses!

So why did this situation wake me up to do something about my hair once and for all? Because that’s exactly what the stylist did with her abrupt (and kind of rude, if you ask me) comments – woke me up. Why was I dealing with such bad hair instead of doing something about it?

So that is exactly what I did, started to do research so I could do something about it.

I came across multiple recommendations, in performing my research, advising curly haired folk to put oil in it overnight. I ended up finding the oil pictured here on Amazon (I have been buying all of my hair products through Amazon, by the way, as it tends to be cheaper than in the store or directly from the vendor). I started using the oil twice a week over the course of a few weeks (ordered about 3 packages), using 2 vials of oil each time (my hair is long and thick, so one vial would not suffice). I slept with a shower cap covering my oiled up bun of hair the first few times, then decided to do without the cap as the oil didn’t really harm my sheets beyond repair; each time, I shampooed the oil out the next morning. Over time, I felt my hair slowly gaining moisture again and not feeling nearly as dry as it did before - I would say, after about 3 nights of oil treatment. However, I needed to take further measures to truly bring my curls back to life.

I decided to take supplements to treat the structure and growth of my hair, and ended up going with the ones pictured here. I have been taking them for over two months now, and believe they are contributing to the overall improvement of my hair density and texture. Each bottle contains two months’ worth of supplements; I am currently on my second bottle.

I would definitely suggest taking hair, skin and nails supplements, no matter which brand you end up trying, because they help with the base of the hair, instead of simply masking the damage at the ends of your hair, as most topical products do.

I then ended up at another salon for a cut and touch up to my highlights (I know highlights are a bad idea when you are attempting to repair dry, damaged hair, but the stylist ended up just highlighting my roots and not my ends, which I would suggest asking for this to avoid damaging the ends further). I was asked by the stylist if I shampoo often. I said yes, I shampoo every time I wash my hair, and I wash it every day. This brought on a look of shock from the stylist of course – most hairstylists believe it is pretty much a sacrilege to shampoo AND wash your hair every day. But my curly hair never looks good the next day, so I always re-wash and start from scratch. I was not going to give up my routine, no matter what any hairstylist said (I can be quite stubborn at times). So I decided to research the best shampoo for curly hair, and one that I could hopefully use every day.

That is when I ended up on the site,, and found my curly hair type! Who knew there was a type of curl? I guess that makes sense; my curls are in-between wavy and tight, between fine and course, and have the potential of appearing pretty thick while in reality, my hair is not really thick at all. The site then offered products specifically designed for my hair type, so I discovered the no poo shampoo pictured at the right, perfectly appropriate for my curly type. Because it is a no lather shampoo, I can wash my hair every day now without breaking the underlying reasoning for the cardinal stylist rule of not washing your hair too often! Yes!

I also discovered the perfect conditioner for my hair type. I have always been a conditioner snob, you could say – the conditioner must make my hair feel super silky, require a small amount in order to moisturize my whole head of hair, make my hair easy to comb through in the shower, smell good, and so on and so forth – you get the picture. So I decided to go with the conditioner pictured to the right, which had a pretty promising description of exactly what I was looking for. And guess what – I absolutely love it!

Final Curly Hair Styling Tips and Tricks

Now for the last additions to the perfect curly hair collection of tips and tricks – mousse, hairspray, scrunching-capable hands, and a perfect blow-dryer. In the past, I have not been too particular concerning the brand of mousse I use, as most do the trick. I do always look for one that has a pretty good hold, but doesn’t make my hair too crunchy, or too soft – but just right, as Goldilocks would say. I have been using the mousse picture to the right as of late, mostly because I got fooled by the marketing/packaging (c'mon, who doesn't what curly and sexy hair?!) and it works out pretty perfectly, for now. I am not sure if hair ends up getting used to a particular mousse and you have to switch it up sometimes, as I feel I have had to do that in the past – I cannot quite figure it out. But I am pretty content with my current mousse these days.

I purchased a new hair dryer, that promised all the latest technology recommended by hair experts (who knows if it's all just marketing hype), and was not crazy expensive at the same time. The dryer pictured here has become my best friend, as it works perfectly with my hair. Make sure whatever dryer you end up with, that it comes with a diffuser – as it is a key hair drying component for obtaining the full, big curly hair look.

5 stars for How to Diffuse Curly Hair

Then I put it all together, and a few months later, my curls have magically come back – well, with a little time, labor and money of course. If you have hair like mine, make sure you follow these 10 Curly Hair Maintenance and Styling Tips:

1) take hair supplements

2) try some oil treatments once in a while

3) use no lather shampoo and super moisturizing conditioner

4) comb your hair in the shower first, while conditioner is in hair (helps detangle more easily)

5) scrunch mousse into your damp hair when you get out of the shower

6) turn your head upside down to diffuse your hair

7) continue scrunching your hair as you blow-dry

8) blow-dry on medium heat only (never high heat), the roots first, then the ends because the ends dry quickly

9) re-apply mousse to pieces of hair that start to look frizzy as you are dryin - this helps define the curls much more

10) lightly spritz with any kind hairspray at the end of blow-drying, while poofing the hair out as you spray

And in time, you will have gorgeous curls full of life and tons of body!

To me, it doesn’t matter how much time and little bit of extra money my hair takes, as long as I have my beautiful mane back which no one makes fun of any more, or throws tiny pieces of paper in, or whispers behind my back about (unless, of course, they are saying how pretty it is; I'll take that!). Today, I get compliments about my hair all the time instead! I am a happy, curly-haired girl these days, and am not looking back to the days of sad, limp waves, and unruly, unwanted curls.

Do you hate or love your curly hair?

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I am leaving you with Phoebe's beautifully sung tune about little black curly hair, in celebration of curly hair (though we all know what Phoebe is really singing about here! Haha!)

Thanks for reading, please feel free to leave comments!


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    • Mandy Lee 26 profile image

      Amanda Oneal 3 years ago from St. Petersburg, Florida

      Thanks for your comment Flourish! Yes, they can be pretty straightforward when it comes to hair, even when you don't want to hear it!

    • FlourishAnyway profile image

      FlourishAnyway 3 years ago from USA

      I liked the story about the salon lady. They always have a way of imparting the bitter truth.

    • profile image

      JenJen 3 years ago

      very bad hair! Baaaaad! haha. your writing is beautiful. you write perfectly for blogs. more please!