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How to make Herbal face Scrub

Updated on February 29, 2012

You can refer this page to learn about the following:

  1. What is Herbal face scrub
  2. How to make herbal face scrub
  3. A commercially herbal face scrub formula

What is an herbal Face Scrub?

These preparations are applied in the form of paste and can be prepared at home for self-use.

Herbal face scrubs are powder preparations that are used to make paste like preparation by adding water before application. They are then allowed to dry or to set with the object of improving appearance of the skin, by producing a transient tightening effect as well as cleansing the skin. The warmth and tightening effect resulting from there application, produce the stimulating sensation of a rejuvenated face while absorption clays earth which are present in some products absorb grease and dirt from the facial skin. When they are eventually removed from the skin, debris gets removed simultaneously from the surface of the skin.

From formulation point of view, a good face scrub should dry out rapidly to form an adherent coating that on being removed should not pain. It should provide a definite sensation and tightening effect along with cleansing of skin. And most important thing, a herbal face scrub should be dermatological innocuous and non-toxic.

Herbal Face Scrub formula with orange peel, Shikakai and Ritha

Ingridients (Quantity)

  1. Shikakai powder(25%)
  2. Ritha powder(20%)
  3. Kapur kachri(5%)
  4. Nagarmotha powder(5%)
  5. Orange peel powder(50%)

Steps to make Herbal face Scrub

Take each ingredient, if you can get it in the form of powder then great, otherwise use Mortar pestle to powder each ingredient separately. If huge quantities are being made then pharmaceutical grade Grinders are used.

Now before mixing these powdered pass them through a fine sieve to remove grittiness due to oversize particles.

Now mix all the ingredients in geometric proportions and pack in a suitable air-tight container.

Your herbal face scrub is ready and you can use it as and when required. This herbal face scrub formula is based on natural ingredients and no synthetic additives are added.


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