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How to make a magnetic makeup organizer

Updated on June 17, 2013
makeup board
makeup board

Makeup mess

I love makeup and I have a tone of it. Keeping it neat and organized so it doesn't take over the entire bathroom kind of became a problem. I tried dedicating one drawer to my makeup and using dividers. This only lasted a short period of time before it no longer fit or was just all together hard to keep neat. Then I tried the whole using a case or bag strategy. This was even worse! When the bag gets shaken or moved the make up containers themselves can open and break making a huge mess on the inside. So I down sized my collection thinking my problem would now be solved. For the most part yeah it was solved accept for now I had less to work with so I was stuck with basic styles. I decided there had to be a better way. Then I heard about magnetic makeup boards. These are awesome! You can pin them up on the wall. You can find all your make up without searching and digging. It does not fill up your drawers since it hangs on the wall and you make it look stylish by matching your bathroom or bedroom theme.

baking sheets
baking sheets
hot glue
hot glue

What you are going to need

  • Metal pan (I got mine from the dollar store.)
  • Thin fabric for a cover
  • A magnet for each item you want to put on the board (You can get these at the dollar store too. Just buy a set of magnets and rip the magnetized piece off.)
  • Hot glue or tape
  • A pair of scizzors

A few little tips

You can buy almost all of this stuff at the dollar store. If you have makeup that is a little heavy you might need to use more than one magnet. Choose fabric that is not to thick so the magnets can still hold.

Cutting fabric
Cutting fabric

What to do next

Once you have all of your supplies together you can get started.

  • Measure out fabric so that it can cover the whole front and a few inches of the back side.
  • Cut the fabric according to your measurements.
  • Cover the sheet with fabric.
  • Fold the ends on the back like you would gift wrap.
  • Use the hot glue to glue the back side (you don't have to do the front side this makes bumps)
  • Now for the magnets, if bought magnet sheets just cut them to the size you want for each piece of makeup. You can glue or tape them on.
  • If you bought the ones from the dollar store you have to break off the plastic parts and then glue or tape them on.
  • Hang up your board and put your make up on it.

picture frame
picture frame

A few artistic touches

If you want to add a little artistic touch there a few extra little details you can add to make your board look that much cooler. Some of these ideas are listed below.

  • Add a cool frame to go around your board
  • Print out your favorite picture onto the fabric you are going to use
  • Use a few different fabrics and mix them up like a quilt or puzzle
  • Attach a mirror to the center (locker mirrors work great for this)
  • Try different shaped boards like a big heart
  • Add a container to hold brushes and pencils
  • Draw a crazy picture onto the fabric
  • Have everyone who sees it sign it

It is up to you but the possibilities are limitless when you are making something on your own.


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