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How to make nail polish from eye shadow

Updated on October 21, 2012

Eyeshadow can make a nice nail polish

You can make custom nail polish from things you already have

Like eyeshadow!

Do you have a color that just doesn't work on your eyes, but you like the shade? Or a color you love, but you can't find polish to match?

It's simple to turn that shadow into nail polish!

How to make a single use

If you only need to match it once, you can make small amounts of nail polish. Just take some of the shadow and scoop it or scrape it into a small vessel to mix with--a paint-tray or one of those little cups like salad dressing comes in when you get takeout. Take your bottle of clear nail polish and add only a few drops to the shadow, then mix it with a toothpick, a q-tip, or the brush of the nail polish.

Test it periodically, then when it's the color you want, paint it onto your nails as usual.


  • If it's a pressed eyeshadow, sometimes they have oils or fillers in them that can make the nail polish sort of chalky when it dries; just keep adding topcoat until it smooths out, or add more clear polish to make it a more sheer polish.
  • If you're using pressed shadow, make sure you really grind it up so that it's powder again; if it's lumpy, it'll make lumpy polish.
  • The best shadows to use are the loose mineral kind, because they have the least amount of additives and mix the easiest, but any shadow will do--though sometimes pressed ones come out a little different in color when mixed than they are as eyeshadow.

To make a whole bottle

You'll need your eyeshadow, a bottle of clear polish with a little space in the top of the bottle, something to mix with, and a folded paper funnel to get the powder into the bottle.

The process is the same as the single use, but you make more, and you mix it directly into the bottle. Again, be sure that there aren't any lumps, and mix well.


  • If you use a thin polish and / or if you add a lot of powder, it'll probably settle out if you let it sit; just remix it before you use it. A few mixing balls in the bottle help with this.
  • If you're making it in a bottle like this, you can experiment with adding glitter, or with mixing colors, and make a truly unique polish!


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    Anya Brodech 4 years ago from 130 Linden St, Oakland, California, 94607

    How about that!